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Saturday 12 December 2020

Online Dating Trends in 2020

Online Dating Trends in 2020

As we approach the end of 2020 I'm sure I'm not alone in being grateful to see the back of it. It's been one of the most testing and challenging years that I've lived through. I brought in 2020 in Edinburgh celebrating new year with family and fireworks and I had such high hopes for the year, at that point I was expecting to be a married women by the time 2021 rolled around but Rona had other ideas so we celebrated our almost wedding instead and I'm going to be a 2021 bride (fingers crossed). As with my personal life a lot has changed for many peoples dating and relationships so I thought it would be quite fun to look back on the year that was and see what trends occured in the midst of a pandemic and whether love truly can conquer anything.

Flowers in Envelope

So first thing if you've managed to utilise an online Wiltshire dating site* and find the one, chances are you've had a tumultuous 2020 just like me, we're not on our own with over 100k cancellations and estimated losses of 5.3 billion - the less said about this the better let's just hope and pray for a better 2021.

Instead lets take a look at those singletons out there, I can imagine that being single and looking during a pandemic has been a tough old time. It saw an immediate shift from the aim being to meet up in real life quickly, to becoming a more online affair on sites such as Wiltshire dating*. What this has meant is that topics that you'd usually discuss on a first date are making their way onto profiles to entice people to match in a very crowded place. 

Key topics such as the BLM movement, the presidential election, Tiger King and Animal Crossing were all regular topics of conversation showing a strong blend between the serious topics people align themselves with and the lighter topics they've been occupying their time with

Dating sites and apps saw a marked increase in numbers, and duration spent on their sites as it became a lifeline for many singletons living alone to help stave off any loneliness symptoms 

If chatting and dating has been going well people have been more likely to talk on a video app such as zoom or talking over the phone. An increase in time has shown that a traditional date can be transformed online safely and securely, it's a way singletons have been showing a commitment and making their chosen match feel special and show they're not one of many lockdown lovers

Multiple lockdown lovers has become a bit of a problem with a whole host of new dating terminology occurring because of the pandemic. It's important you keep your wits about you and develop strong connections before falling too hard, an abundance of time can lead to boredom and boredom can lead to continuous matching. So stay ahead of the curve and protect your heart along the way

Dating Trends 2020

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