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Tuesday 22 September 2020

New dating terminology post pandemic

New Dating terms for your online dating journey

A pandemic is a strange old time, I say post-pandemic but it seems we're going to be thrown right back into a weird lockdown in the UK so if you're single and dating during the whirlwind we're currently living through you should probably be up on the new dating lingo floating around the place
Dating Terminology


A classic right? It officially got added to the dictionary in 2014 after the success of MTV's Catfish it basically means to lure someone into a relationship by pretending to be someone else. It's super key in todays online dating game so it's key you're always on the lookout. While dating someone in another city/country might sound exciting using local dating sites such as will give you peace of mind that at least they're close enough that you can meet up without any issues


This one is quite self-explanatory. Be very careful if you haven't met someone yet, they may be pretending to be someone else in all areas... If you've managed to get to a position where you're swapping pictures do keep in mind you don't know who you're *ahem* looking at exactly. Trickier to verify but the old video call can do the trick because well when in Rome you may as well put yourself out there


The old school will they won't they. The one that you can't quite nail down, you're kind of seeing them and there's kind of something there but you haven't put any labels on it and if we're totally honest you don't really know where you stand. You probably need to have the 'so what are we' chat but hell that's awkward so you'll probably keep going in your situationship until one of you decide to put a label on it


Unfortunately the lockdown and pandemic have led to peak breadcrumbing situations happening because it's just so easy to be non-committal. Breadcrumbing is the act of one person throwing the other bread crumbs, a few flirty texts or insta messages. The occasional call and promises of 'lets do something' but a date never gets arranged. They'll continually get your hopes up but they don't actually want to commit, more checking in to make sure you're still interested before disappearing without a trace until next time. 


Living through a pandemic causes some real changes, especially if you're stuck at home single and bored. Loneliness is rife and people are reaching out and once happily single people might now be seeking someone to join their life with. Pandating is a combination of boredom, loneliness and fear of having to isolate alone again during this ongoing global pandemic. This might not always lead to  longer term dating after the pandemic but using a local buckinghamshire dating site will increase those chances as if they're local it should be easier to take it from a virtual relationship to an in real life one 


Remember that person that ghosted you before March? BAM here they are. A neverending pandemic really does bring out the conscience in everyone even the ghosts. They're magically rising back up from the dead (hence the term Zombieing) to check in with you, apologise, or just blatantly act like nothing ever happened. The zombies are bored avoid them at all costs. As soon as they have freedom again there previous ghost nature will return in a flash.

While I'm thrilled I'm more on the wedding side of a relationship than the tinder side (I've been there believe me) it's good to know whats going on in the single world to help my single friends out

What's your favourite new dating term? 
Or what other terms do you know?

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