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Friday 25 September 2020

Cineworld 4DX - Christopher Nolans Tenet

Tenet review - Cineworld 4DX Experience

I just adore the cinema, everything about it. From the smell of the popcorn hitting you as you enter to the trailers before to spending time immersed in a film, life can be very distracting, especially currently so escaping for a few hours into a film is like heaven to me. Cinema has evolved a lot and now there are so many different experiences from a standard 2D screening to 3D, IMAX and at Cineworld there's also 4DX.
Cineworld 4DX - Popcorn

I think depending on the film you're going to see 2D can be absolutely sufficient, but for special occasions I do like to watch films in one of the different Cineworld screens. We recently went to see the most anticipated post lockdown movie in Tenet. It finally hit the screens after numerous postponements, as we know Christopher Nolan films are usually an experience we thought we'd enjoy a more immersive experience with Cineworld 4DX

Cineworlds 4DX experience is very different to a standard cinema viewing, you're sat on super comfy seats but these seats are unlike any others in that they move with the film, you'll find yourself being moved around depending on the action. As well as the seat moving there are other stimulating effects such as water, wind, scent, and strobe lighting it's the ultimate sensory experience that really takes you into the movie.

Tenet Review - Cineworld 4DX

The best way to enjoy Tenet and a direct quote from the film is 'Don't try to understand it' in true Christopher Nolan style there are concepts from all manner of science, physics and psychology and focusing too much on understanding during the film will mean you miss some majorly important aspects, but it's probably a film that will need a little reading, rewatch after.

You're immediately thrown straight into the action with the lead character (John David Washington - BlackKKlansman) where in very basic terms the bad guy is trying to end the world but that's about the only simple thing in this movie, it has an absolutely stellar cast and we get to see a lot of co-star Robert Pattinson (The Rover / Twilight) who genuinely surprised me with how easily he fit into such a complicated role, I think having mainly seen him in Twilight led to judgement but I'm now really excited for his portrayal of Batman.

I was enthralled from minute one, the concept and story were mind-blowing and excellent acting throughout. The cinematography was exquisite and knowing they kept CGI to a minimum there are a lot of wow moments thinking just how did they make that happen.

Seeing the film in 4DX really enhanced the viewing experience in my view, there was plenty of action scenes throwing us around and feeling involved but there was also lots of subtle movements where I didn't realise I'd moved until I was practically laid down, this worked really well with the time concepts of the movie, I felt fully immersed and loved every second

Alice in Sheffield rating - 9/10 
Genuinely one of the best films I've seen for a long time, original concept, excellent acting and highly recommended

Cineworld 4DX Review

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