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Saturday 12 September 2020

6 Tips for Avoiding Arguments in a Relationship

6 Tips for Avoiding Arguments in a Relationship

To a certain extent, conflict is a natural part of any healthy relationship. Trouble starts when civilised conversations turn into petty squabbles that turn into full-blown arguments. Before you know it, you’re down the rabbit hole and can’t even remember what the discussion was about! 

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It is worth noting that if continuous and damaging arguments seriously impact your relationship, there is no shame in seeking professional relationship counselling. You’d be surprised by how many couples you think are the ultimate relationship goal have had to put in the work. 

For many, even the smallest hint of an argument can be a stressful experience, and with recent world events, I don’t think there’s any more room for stressful experiences, do you?! Here, I’ve put together a few useful tips for avoiding arguments with your partner to keep your relationship loving, respectful and supportive!

Effective Communication

Arguments will happen more often if communication breaks down and you stop talking to each other!

Every relationship will be different, and your approach will depend on your communication style. Learning how you and your partner best communicate will be essential to prevent misunderstandings and repeat arguments. 

When a problem arises, it can be easy to react with pure emotion, but this will often lead to a more intense argument. Instead, try to learn how to effectively communicate your emotions and the problem at hand without lashing out. 
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Collaborative Approach

If you want to avoid future arguments, take a collaborative approach when dealing with problems, you are a team after all! 

If you view the root of your argument as a problem you must defeat together, it will often be solved much quicker and is less likely to spiral into an all-out shouting match. 

It’s no good if you see each other as opponents, it is better if there are no expectations for a ‘winner’. This way, tense conversations will not develop into arguments. 

Taking this kind of collaborative approach can also bring you closer together. Dealing with tough issues as a unit will help strengthen bonds of emotional intimacy, trust and support. All those good things can also help you feel more secure in your relationship, which, in turn, will prevent arguments from becoming serious issues.

Being on the same page

Understanding where each other is coming from is also essential. Chances are, you already have ideas and opinions that align if you are in a healthy relationship. 

Taking the time to fully explain your side of the story and making sure you’re on the same page as your partner can be valuable. 

Admitting fault

Try not to be afraid to admit to your wrongdoings. Not owning up to your part in certain issues can only cause further arguments down the line. If you admit fault before you come to blows, it can often take the force out of an argument and make things more civil so that you can focus on solutions. 

Share the load

Many arguments can arise out of one partner feeling like they are doing more for the relationship, whether that be emotional labour or household chores. To avoid these kinds of conflicts, make sure that you share the load! Ensure each partner also feels acknowledged and appreciated for the work they do. 

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Have Fun Together

There is a lot of give and take when it comes to maintaining a good relationship. Try not to get too bogged down in the dos and don’ts and remember to have fun together!

Do activities that you both enjoy and take time to revel in each other’s company. You could also do some teamwork-based activities that are designed to get you working closely and improving your communication skills. 

Remembering why you love each other is a sure-fire way to avoid arguments rearing their ugly heads!

Do you have any tips for avoiding arguments that have helped out your relationship?

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