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Monday 14 September 2020

How to make your cat happy

How to make your cat happy
(and get it to love you!)

Cats are curious creatures, they're very self-sufficient and like to give the impression that they don't actually need an owner at all. That's why I love them and why my home didn't feel complete without my Meeko. He's a Maine Coone x Norwegian Forest Cat cross and an indoor cat so it was crucial for me to learn how to make your cat happy so he settled and started treating the place like his home

How to make your cat happy

Understanding your cats urges

The first thing you can do to make your cat happy is to understand their urges and behaviours. All cats have innate urges to hunt, mark territory and scratch so make sure you foster these urges and allow your cat the opportunity to make his new home his own. One of the best purchases you can buy is a good quality cat scratch post like the Catipilla Scratcher

This encourages your cat to scratch the right things and this particular scratcher is able to be wall mounted giving your cat an opportunity to stretch up high and tone their little cat muscles. It's a great stimulation tool and helps them mark territory with scent glands in their paws - plus it should save any scratching on your furniture. The Catipilla Scratcher is the highest quality scratch post we've had made from South American Sisal Rope and coming in 5 different sizes it's super easy to install and looks chic and part of the furniture. We have ours installed in a door corner which serves to stop the door slamming and gives Meeko lots of room to scratch and even hide if he chooses to

Safe Spaces

Cats love to hide. Even the happiest of cats will seek out somewhere to hide and stay safe, while it's really tempting to keep fetching your cat and taking them out of their hiding spaces its really important you don't. Hiding spaces are often used by cats to scope out the area, explore with a safety net and ultimately become comfortable with their surroundings so provide plenty of hidey holes, tunnels and safe spaces for your feline

Playtime with interactive cat toys

Depending on the age of your cat it would be a good idea to invest in a few high-quality cat toys - especially if you have a kitten. An older cat might choose to spend more time snoozing but if you have an indoor cat then mental stimulation is crucial to their overall happiness. Feathered toys they can hunt, laser pens to chase down or even a more complex interactive cat toy that they can play with alone will keep their minds active and entertained just as much as being outdoors

Cat cuddles and strokes

This will completely depend on your cats natural temperament and may not happen immediately. But gentle encouragement and coaxing with treats and hopefully your cat will come for cuddles and affection in no time. They're not shy in letting you know which kind of strokes they like and they'll reward you with gentle purring to express their happiness 

Cat's might be known as solitary animals that like to be left alone but the domesticated indoor cat often does like to share the company of it's owners

How to make your cat happy

What kind of cat do you have? 

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