Meet Meeko

Meeko the Maine Coon x Norwegian Forest Cat

Anyone that knows me knows that my house isn't a home without a little feline cat wandering around the place. I'd lived in my home only 2 weeks before I had my little Tilly cat. She was the most beautiful cat who sadly passed away at the start of 2020, she'd lead a very good life and old age caught up with her. Rollback to the end of February and our home didn't feel complete. We decided to get a cat, a rescue cat that we could give a good home to.

Maine Coon x Norwegian Forest Cat

Our Meeko

We had a really good idea of the kind of cat we wanted, we knew we needed an indoor cat due to our working hours and we loved the temperament of the Norwegian Forest cat breed. We both had seen Main Coons before and their friendly nature is known so when we saw a mix of the two we were completely sold. Our little white and black boy who we named Meeko after the raccoon on Pocahontas.

The lockdown couldn't have come at a better time for socialising a new cat. When he first moved in he was absolutely terrified of everyone and everything so being home 24/7 has really helped him get used to his new home and his new family. He's now very comfortable with us (but still not keen on visitors) and comes for cuddles regularly.

He's 16 months old so the perfect age between kitten and cat and absolutely adores playing with laser pens, feathers, and all his other catnip toys.

Personalised Cat Toy Box

Indoor cats take a lot of entertaining and tiring out so you can imagine the number of toys he has to keep him busy so I needed somewhere to store them.

I've been lucky enough to work with Edge Inspired on their Personalised cat toy box which was the perfect solution

Personalised cat toy box

All of their products and personalised gifts are handmade with love and care and as demonstrated by Meeko, it looks really stylish full of your felines toys. It's a great way of keeping all the toys in order but still maintaining a tidy house. Meeko likes to go and choose the toy he wants to play with and drags it out of his box. 

The wooden crate is exquisitely crafted with no sharp edges to harm your cat and personalised with their name and a paw print design.

Edge inspired also do a whole host of personalised gifts for all occasions so definitely check them out.

As for Meeko? He's loving being spoilt like an absolute King which is a far cry away from his pre-rescue life. He's helped us heal from losing Tilly every day and I hope she likes that we've given another lucky cat a happy home

Maine Coon x Norwegian Forest Kitten

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