4 Lockdown Relationship Problems SOLVED

How to solve relationship problems in lockdown

It's a weird old world we're living in right now and relationships are being tested to limits we never knew existed before. Obviously, a pandemic isn't the best scenario for cultivating a relationship, and you may be encountering relationship problems you would've never had to in a normal scenario BUT in these testing times there are always solutions. I've been helping you figure out date ideas and even how to stay safe online dating but now let's focus on some actual problems that might have arisen during our extended stay inside
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You're lonely and want to start a new relationship

Lockdown has changed the sphere of online dating, I imagine for quite the foreseeable future. Online dating used to be the start of something which you'd then take offline, while lockdown restrictions are changing slowly it's recommended we remain in our homes as much as possible. Just because you can't meet the person physically doesn't mean you can't use a Devon dating site to meet virtually. It's an amazing opportunity to really get to know someone and see if the spark is there before having to meet them, check out my post on how to date virtually and see it as a blessing. I know loneliness is at a peak right now so try and branch out into social hangouts on zoom, check-in with friends and family there's always someone out there up for a chat

You're fed up of being in lockdown with your significant other

Lockdown is hard on everyone. Its a test of even the strongest relationships out there, a normal life would consist of you getting up and going for work and then catching up together in the evening whereas right now you're probably juggling both working from home, or both being on the front line in heightened environments. Either way it's 24/7 with very minimal downtime. Being stressed at each other is very normal right now, you just need to find the right balance. 

We've found working in separate rooms during the day and then coming together in the evening works really well and gives a little normality. Alternatively, still keep up with different hobbies, spend at least a few hours separately each day whether that's just different rooms or going out for a walk on your own. It gives you something to talk about that the other hasn't experienced. Be patient and kind with each other and remember why you love each other in the first place, if you get through this you can get through anything together.

You're in lockdown away from your partner

What was a regular relationship may now have become a long distanced relationship due to lockdown restrictions and I understand this could be incredibly tough on both of you. You need to dedicate quality time to one another. Imagine you're in a normal working day, you probably wouldn't have time to text all day, so don't do it now. This makes sure you've got lots to talk about and catch up on in phone calls / video calls later. 

Add an old school romance and write letters to one another, plan virtual date nights where you can watch films together or play games together but most importantly make time for one another consistently. Whether that's a quick text during the day and a call every evening at a set time, or date nights on a Wednesday whatever works for you and your routine. Make an effort, get dressed up and enjoy each other and the happy times because we all need those moments right now

You're in lockdown with family

Living scenarios have drastically changed, whether this is returning from University because your lectures are cancelled, locking down with family so you're not alone or it simply being the easiest option for you. While it's wonderful being with your family it can obviously prove difficult to get private time with your significant other. If you're both locked down with your family it's important you still take time together away from your family, whether this is watching a movie in bed or just being in a different room. If you're not locked down with your partner you need to make sure your family are aware when you're going to be busy on a call etc. so you can enjoy that time without interruptions. You could also have a wider family call, for example I'm marrying Connor this year, his family are my family so I obviously want to keep in touch with them too during this time so we'll have a catchup zoom call every week

Whatever scenario you're living in right now, know that this won't last forever and you can get through this

Relationship Problems Solved

What's your lockdown scenario? And what relationship problems have you encountered?