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Friday 1 January 2021

Transforming my New Build Property – Living Room Edition

Transforming my New Build Property – Living Room Edition

2020 was the year we stayed home, a lot. I spent more time within my house than I ever thought possible and the start of 2021 looks to be following a similar pattern, with that in mind and having lived in the house I bought for coming up to 2 years it’s time to start putting a little bit of personality into my living space.

Painting New Build Property

My Current Decor in my New Build Property

When I moved into my new build property in 2018 it was a complete blank canvas, huge magnolia walls and thankfully a brand new kitchen and bathroom. It was and still is completely liveable and I’ve added big core items such as a sofa, bed etc. to my home. As it was a brand new build it was advised to not paint or wallpaper the walls for at least a year so they have a chance to settle.

In November 2019 Connor proposed and all of my time money and effort went into planning a 2020 wedding – thanks to rona this has been rescheduled to this year, but with a year of staying home, zero holidays and very minimal spending we’ve managed to save enough for the wedding so my attention has now turned to making our home into our perfect sanctuary, starting with the living room.

New Build Living Room

Our living room is currently magnolia all over with a huge IKEA sofa, minimal storage space and big patio doors opening out onto our back garden. I love the room and certain items such as my gorgeous duck egg rug but there’s so much more that can be done with it so I’ve been scouring Pinterest for Home Décor Ideas and to get a feel for what I’d like to change.

Living Room Mood Board

To understand how to decorate I needed to understand what we’d use the room for, what it’s main purpose would be. With the confusion of working from home a lot more I want a space that can be purely entertainment, comfort and an escape. We want a room we can play games, watch movies and chill out. 

Navy Blue Living Room Moodboard

One of the main features of our living room is the patio doors, they’re beautiful and really let in a lot of natural light, but it can mean the neighbours opposite can see straight into the living room, so it was important to have panel curtains for privacy and also top quality blackout curtains* so that we can create a real cinema style experience for movie nights.

I love my existing Rug so used that to plan a colour palette for accents and accessories, we’ve decided on a navy feature wall and will also invest in a sturdy corner bookcase / storage to help find homes for all of our books and games. One thing my current living room lacks is lamps and lighting! It means I have to *gasp* have the big light on a lot. So I think some nice tall mood lighting will really enhance the space.

Sheffield Prints

Of course I wouldn’t be living up to my ‘Alice in Sheffield’ name if I wasn’t paying homage to my home town somewhere, I’ve got the start of a lovely Sheffield gallery wall and I can’t wait to curate more beautiful prints, I got one for Christmas and can't wait to hang it. If you're planning a gallery wall then make sure you look into the best methods of making it look great. I’m really enjoying making our home exactly how I’ve always imagined it

New Build Property Transformation

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