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Wednesday 20 January 2021

Valentines Day Lockdown Date Ideas

Valentines Day Lockdown Date Ideas

January 2021 is the most January of January's on record. Another UK wide lockdown and horrific weather has meant a lot of sucky days. But it's time to look on the horizon, and if you're in a relationship living together, chances are you've been living in each others pockets for practically a year at this point - that doesn't mean that Valentines Day can't be really special. It's going to take more creativity this year as we're going to be in a lockdown situation but let's get cracking with some fab date night ideas

Valentines Red Roses

All of the date ideas would work for those of you who are living together, those doing distanced dating due to coronavirus or even those planning their first dates after using sites such as Merseyside dating* because even a lockdown doesn't stop online dating

A Themed Date Night

Lockdown has seriously boosted creativity levels when it comes to dating and making a moment special so Valentines day lockdown will be no different. Why not enlist the help of experts such as Box42, they create fully themed date night boxes including a playlist and recipe cards to complete your evening. It all arrives in a box with instructions to enjoy your night - this is perfect for those short on time but still wanting a special evening
Socially Distanced Alternative: Order a date night box and split the contents and mail it to your other half or create your own virtual theme. Have a zoom completing all the fun tasks, cooking together and enjoying some quality time

Get a meal delivery

Our local independent restaurants have got it very hard right now, after missing the Christmas rush they're now going to miss out on one of the biggest earners in their calendar. Support your local area and make sure your favourites remain open by ordering their delivery services. So many restaurants have put together restaurant-quality deliveries for a Valentines day lockdown so have a look to see if your favourite is doing anything. Most update their instagrams before their websites so have a snoop around
Socially Distanced Alternative: Order each others meal as a surprise and don't tell them what they're getting - see how well you pick and what your other half thinks you like

See the Sights

On a regular Valentines you might plan a day out to see the sights or take in a show. While normality is definitely miles away, Valentines Day Lockdown does offer an alternative you just need to embrace the virtual. There are dozens of virtual tours of art galleries you can visit without even leaving your living room. Why not take a look around galleries around the world and plan your next adventure together, cook a meal synonymous with the location and get into the spirit with cocktails native to the area

Whatever you get up to this Valentines day lockdown, make sure you make it special. Show your loved ones exactly what they mean to you and cherish this extra time you've been given together

Valentines Day Lockdown Date Ideas

What are your Valentines plans?

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