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Tuesday 16 March 2021

Escape room in a box by Epic Escapes - Review & Competition

Escape room in a box - Play at home
Competition and Review

Escape rooms have grown in popularity substantially since the early 2010's. The concept of tasks and challenges in a room can be traced back with lots of game shows such as Crystal Maze and Fort Boyard so it's no surprise the concept of challenges and mystery in an escape room format took off as a fun date night activity. With the last year being spent predominantly at home it's seen the creation of the Escape room in a box format and no-one has done it better than Epic Escapes*
Escape room in a box

Epic Escapes have taken the fun and excitement of an escape room and given you the same experience right from the comfort of your home. Their Escape room in a box has 3 different unique 'escape rooms' for you to play and allows you to create a fully immersive experience 

The box itself contains everything you'd need to create your experience including easy instructions to set up your escape room, high-quality hardware and locks and 3 unique escape games with their own stories and varying difficulties. The escape room in a box is aimed at 3-6 players but could be adapted for a 2 player game (one setting up and one playing the game). 

The escape room in a box is a novel challenge for those weekends at home and something new and fun to get involved with. We tried out the easiest of the 3 games which is the 'Crime' story and had so much fun creating the mood, setting the game up and  trying to decipher the clues to escape. The games are unique and so cleverly written, with a view of expansion packs coming in the near future it's an escape room that will keep on growing and growing.

At £99 for the escape room in a box (containing 3 seperate games) they average out at £33 a game, which is typical to what you might play at an in real life escape room. The big positive here is that you get to keep all of the games and components to play over and over again, you could play the game in different rooms, with different people once lockdown is over - the options are endless. Plus when expansion packs do launch you've already got the main hardware components.

Do you fancy trying out the Escape Room in a Box (3in1) yourself? The lovely Epic Escapes have offered one lucky reader a box to experience the Escape room fun themselves. All you need to do is enter your details in the Rafflecopter below to sign up to get a free weekly brainteaser to test your logical thinking in preperation:

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Escape room in a box

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