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Saturday 6 March 2021

Sex Positivity and embracing your sexuality

Sex Positivity and embracing sexuality

Sex is a curious topic, especially for women. We've come a long way from the assumptions that sex is something men want and women just merely participate in. With the exceptional growth of all things sex from erotica, celebrity-endorsed sex toys and more open discussions about female masturbation it's clear to see that the sex positivity movement is growing and here to stay so how do you embrace this into your life?

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What is Sex positivity?

Sex positivity is the thought that sex can be a positive aspect of a person life, that everyone is entitled to the space to explore and learn about their sexuality, gender and sexual preferences without judgement and shame. It involves maintaining a level a non-judgement and respect regarding sexual expression, its cornerstones are consent, communication and education.

How do I embrace Sex positivity?

As I mentioned previously sex can often still be a tricky subject for a lot of people so the first step to embracing sex positivity is learning to communicate about sex. It's understanding that sex and sexual interactions occur in a variety of ways from choosing to be with one partner, choosing to abstain or choosing to seek alternative relationships with a dominatrix near me*. The heart of sex positivity is understanding that all sex and sexual interactions are positive as long as consent is at the heart of the interactions.

Understanding that sexuality and gender can be quite fluid and addressing any negative thoughts you may have to the 'norm' is the key to achieving sex positivity in your own life. Once you've begun this journey and education on other views of sex you can begin learning more about your own personal experience of sex and how to bring sex positivity into your own private life

I think I want to do something new, how do I approach this?

If while exploring the vast literature on sex and sex positivity you've discovered a particular area that you're interested in and want to learn more then the first step is further reading. Let's say for example you've become interested in female domination and sexual empowerment, this would be an area of BDSM to explore with your current partner or to check out specialist sites to find a femdom near me

Female domination is quite a popular BDSM kink, and one growing in prevalence as more women embrace their more dominant side through learning to be sex positive. Femdom is a catch all term and can is varying in its meaning and how its performed but ultimately puts the female within a position of power in the relationship. 

Once you've established it's something you'd like to introduce in your relationship it's communicating with your sexual partner and expressing what you'd like to do, but understanding that it could be a big change. Embracing that you may need to match up your kinks and take baby steps to introducing this into your life.
Maintain trust, communication and importantly consent when venturing towards new aspects of a sexual relationship. 

Sex Positivity

Do you talk about sex openly?

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