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Saturday 10 April 2021

How to apply to a TV Dating Show

TV Dating Shows and how you can be a contestant

It's no secret that I'm a massive reality tv fan, whenever I've done tv show round ups in the past there's always at least one reality show that sneaks in. One of my favourite genres of reality tv is tv dating shows and relationship based shows, there's something about watching relationships form and romance blossom thats just so heartwarming

The best thing about TV dating shows is that they generally feature normal every day folk  and it could literally be anyone so it has a stronger 'reality' feel than some of the more celebrity led reality shows. If you've been using Suffolk dating* and other dating sites but fancy applying for a TV dating show and wasn't sure how the casting for tv works then here's my quick guide to get on the shows you love. It's a great way to help boost your dating confidence which means next time you're using your local Suffolk dating* site you'll have tons more tips to apply to finding the one.

TV Dating Show Clapperboard

UK TV Dating Shows and the casting process

As I'm based in the UK there's quite a few TV dating shows live currently and differing ways to get onto the shows themselves so I've narrowed it down to what I think are the most sought after dating slots. First Dates, Love Island and Naked Attraction. These three are very different programmes requiring different levels of commitment. From a single date to a dedicated 6+ weeks away or even getting naked on tv. So have a real think before applying to the tv shows which format would most suit you

How to apply to First Dates

The casting for First Dates and the other shows such as First Dates Hotel and Teen First Dates within the franchise are ran by Twenty Twenty Casting and there's a simple online form to complete. Discreet cameras will record the first date if you're successful. The application form is your chance to impress so treat it like a job application and give it your all, show some personality and make sure you offer something 'different' for the producers. If you've been unlucky in love previously, let them know it helps build a picture of why you want to be on the show

How to apply to Love Island

Love Island UK is currently casting for series 7, there's an online form within the ITV landing page that you can complete. Love Island is definitely a bigger commitment with stringest eligibility requirements such as being able to dedicate 10 weeks to filming and being eligible to fly to the filming locations. While it's a big sacrifice the results in recent years have shown the most successes in long lasting relationships so definitely worth it if you're on the lookout for love

How to apply to Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction is definitely a different dating experience with it requiring you to be completely naked on the show and have that broadcast to millions across the country. There's a simple application form ran by Studio Lambert, but if successful the next stage would be a naked audition so definitely something to consider when applying. While the success stories haven't quite been as frequent as Love Island or First Dates, it's a wonderful way to increase your confidence and feel empowered.

Most TV shows have a general application process, but tv producers and casting teams often go out and search for contestants themselves to make sure they have a wide range of backgrounds and personalities on there show. One way to be talent spotted in this way is to make sure your social profiles are open and updated regularly so they can get a real flavour for your personality.

Which TV Dating show would you like to go on?

TV Dating Shows

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