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Saturday 17 April 2021

Online Dating red flags you can't ignore

Online Dating Red Flags you can't ignore

Online dating is definitely becoming the norm these days, with substantial growth every year it's estimated the tipping point to be 2035 for when the majority of relationships begin online. Currently around a third of relationships have origins in online dating using sites such as Wiltshire Dating Site*.

However Online dating doesn't come completely free of issues, if you're using free dating* sites then here are the biggest online dating red flags you need to be aware of when choosing a potential new partner

Online Dating Red Flags

Staying safe while online dating is a big thing and by keeping an eye out for the red flags you can help protect yourself and save yourself heartache further down the line. The first few months of any new relationship should be exciting and fun so keep an eye out for any of these online dating red flags before they turn into a bigger problem:

Unavailable or cagey responses

Everyone's busy we get it, and during the last year that can be even higher as people have just tried to carry on as much as possible and keep their lives together. However if you're starting a conversation with someone new and they're taking 3-5 business days to get back to you, giving you closed responses or just generally leaving you on read then that's a big flag. It suggests they're not prioritising the conversation, which could lead to not prioritising you later down the line. Now I'm not saying to chuck them in the trash if they take a little time to answer, it's understandable everyones busy, I'd say a response every 24hrs is perfectly reasonable with this decreasing as you get to know each other better

Overreacting over nothing

Getting annoyed is a fact of life, we all get frustrated sometimes but how we deal with those situations can reveal a lot about ourselves. If on your first date your potential partner overreacts about something little (think getting an order wrong etc. in a restaurant) then you need to have a think about how your date may treat you if something went wrong. Plus nobody likes people with bad attitudes to servers in restaurants. 

Centre of attention

If when you're talking to your new match they seem very self centred and consistently talking about themselves without asking anything in return then bail quick! New relationships and new conversations with matches should be two sided. The conversation should always be a way of learning about each other, if they can't be bothered to do this in the very first conversations then the likelihood is you'll always be second best to their ego throughout a relationship

Textaholic but a commitment phobe

This is a biggie when it comes to online dating red flags. Because of the ease of dating sites and apps, it's common for people to be talking to multiple people at once (which is fine, until it gets more serious) but what this can mean is some suitors get stuck in a habit of constant texting and chatting with no real driver to meet. If you've been talking for a while and he's blowing up your phone but is always 'too busy' to meet in real life or have a virtual date you need to have a think about whether he's just riding the online dating waves of fun conversations. You want someone who prioritises you and who is excited to meet you from the off.

What do you think is the biggest red flag in online dating?

Online Dating Red Flags

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