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Sunday 11 April 2021

Dating Podcasts you need in your life

Dating Podcasts you need to listen to

Dating in the 21st century is a strange experience, it can be quite a lonely place where you feel like you're the only person experiencing the lows. Gone are the dating days of the 90s where you may happen upon someone on a night out and slowly start dating, calling and meeting up.

Dating moved to the online world and has become more transactional where first impressions are made via a picture and not that initial conversation. You're more likely to log into a Staffordshire Dating Site* than go out seeking a partner. 

Dating Podcasts

Due to a global pandemic and the rise in online dating which has taken the social element away from the initial stages it's clear to see why it can be a lonely experience. But don't fear! I've put together a list of the best dating and relationships podcasts you need to be listening to. These podcasts will have you laughing and nodding along as they discuss all things dating in the modern world 

Dates & Mates

This podcast is the baby of Damona Hoffman, a renowned relationship and dating expert with a real passion for helping people navigate the online world of dating such as Staffordshire Dating*. With regular experts popping in to help you be the best at dating online and keeping you in the loop with the newest dating trends this is perfect for those singletons looking to up their dating game

Why Won't you Date Me?

If you've ever watched the hilarious Nailed it cooking show on Netflix then this podcast is for you. Hosted by the incredible Nicole Byer and looks at her chronically single life and experiences as a singleton. Regular comedian guest spots and a really funny honest look at dating when you've been single for a long time. I love it even though I'm not single because Nicole is just so infectious to listen to

Savage Lovecast

Now if you've got a whole heap of time then this is absolutely the podcast for you - with over 700 episodes and counting! Dan Savage offers love and sex advice to listeners questions with absolutely nothing off the table. With BDSM, Voyeurism, and advice on literally, anything you can think of this isn't a podcast for the faint-hearted

Sex Lies and DM Slides

A newer podcast to the market but a Spotify Original that is growing on a weekly basis thanks to its gorgeously funny hosts Gizzi Erskine and Sydney Lima. The podcast has a very upfront feel to it with topics ranging from sex dolls to etiquette in relationships with multiple partners, there's nothing they won't discuss and really get to grips with. Listener questions feature often and the girls give expert advice - a really great listen and definitely going to be jumping up those podcast charts

With 4 fantastically funny and thought-provoking podcasts to listen to hopefully you'll gain lots of tips and advice for your dating life, and at the very least you'll have a good old belly laugh at the content

What podcasts do you recommend?

Dating Podcasts

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