What to Watch This Month: October 2019

Autumn UK TV Top Picks

We're well into Autumn now which means brilliant TV is coming back to our screens, it's dark outside and it's so much better to stay inside and be cosy. If you need some ideas then definitely check out my August and September recommendations too. This month I thought I'd focus on a best of British round up - these are all shows and British soaps that you can watch and access via Free to watch TV and catch up players 

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I apologise for the trashiness of some of these choices BUT apart from one, they're real feel good no concentration required tv for some easier nights in after a stressful day 


I absolutely love the apprentice, it's up there with one of my favourite TV shows just for the sheer stupidity of it. If you haven't seen it before it's basically a contest of top business people (allegedly) in the UK aiming to win a cash injection from Lord Sugar on their business idea. I think if you watch this seriously you'll be disappointed but if you watch expected absolute stupidity and ridiculousness from these supposed clever minds you'll love it
Watch on: BBC

A British police procedural 6 episode series based on the true story of Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher. If you don't know the original story then I recommend you don't read up on it and enjoy the series. The cast is phenomenal and Martin Freeman delivers a really stellar performance.
Watch on: ITV

Celebrity Masterchef

Incredibly in its 14th series! Celebrity Masterchef is exactly what it says. A group of celebrities competing to become the 'Masterchef' I enjoy watching the food creations they come up with and seeing really unlikely names like Razor Ruddock and Dillian Whyte show their cooking prowess in the kitchen
Watch on: BBC

Back for a second series the Circle is basically a new social media focused Big Brother. The contestants don't actually meet and are represented on a social media platform, including blockings, private chats and this year the odd Celebrity. Super easy watch and I personally find human interactions fascinating 
Watch on: Channel 4
Everyone loved Supermarket Sweep in the 90s right? Well it's back hosted by Rylan Clarke-Neal who is my favourite person. It's exactly the same as the old format super cheesy and absolutely hilarious. 
Watch on: ITV

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What are you watching this month?