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Saturday 5 October 2019

101 things in 1001 days - 200 day check up

101 things in 1001 days - 200 day check up

A whole 6 months ago now I started my Day Zero Project of picking 101 goals to complete in the next 1001 days we're now on the 200th day! I can't believe that I'm pretty much 20% of the way through the time I better get a move on with some of my goals I did an update 100 days ago so here's how I've got on since then

101 in 1001 days

Start - 19th March 2019
End - 14th December 2021

  1. Go on a Hot air balloon ride - Unfortunately, the weather didn't hold up last time and I haven't got around to rebooking - I do have the voucher so part completed right?
  2. Go to Disneyland Paris
  3. USA Roadtrip
  4. Complete a reading challenge - I've been completing the Popsugar 2019 reading challenge currently I'm on 12 completed, I don't think I'll manage to complete the challenge this year but definitely before the end of this challenge.
  5. Visit all Premiership and EFL Grounds
  6. Midnight movie Premiere 
  7. Go to Cadbury World - We went here in July and I really enjoyed it proper chocoholic
  8. 20k social media followers combined - I've gained another 1300 since my last update which I'm really pleased with because I could definitely put more work in!
  9. Attend a blog event
  10. Partner with a local company on my blog - Since last time I've partnered with 3 amazing foodie locations local to me Hotel Du Vin York, Turtlebay and Piccolino
  11. Go on a Cruise
  12. 'Try' Pinterest pins rather than just pinning and leaving - Still doing this but probably need to do it more often
  13. Have a full day at the cinema
  14. Swim in an infinity pool - Holiday booked for the end of this year at a beautiful hotel in Cape Verde with an infinity pool!
  15. Say Yes for an entire week
  16. Pay off my car finance 
  17. Earn enough blog income to cover at least half of the household bills
  18. Reach 25000 sessions on my blog per month
  19. Order from every takeaway that delivers to me on Just Eat - I started off writing local takeaway reviews as I try them, but this fell by the way side a little I need to start up doing it again
  20. Go dog sledding
  21. Completely clear my old bedroom of stuff, sell what I don't want
  22. Do a food challenge
  23. Be a bridesmaid - In August I was absolutely thrilled to by the Bridesmaid for my mum and dad finally after 20 years together
  24. Get engaged
  25. Get married
  26. Have a baby
  27. Spend a night in a tree house
  28. Go to an airport and get the next flight
  29. Harry Potter tour in Edinburgh - I'm going to Edinburgh at the end of the year so this one is definitely in progress
  30. Get professional business cards for my blog - I did this! And adore my new business cards
  31. Hold a car boot
  32. Go on the Eurostar
  33. Survive Brexit
  34. Own all the Harry Potter Lego - I've built all the ones I currently own so I definitely need to look for my next one
  35. Win a quarterly award at work - I won a quarterly award, in my 3rd year of being there. I've been working consistently hard and leading the league table in my section for the majority of the year
  36. Get in the car and flip a coin, make an adventure wherever we end up 
  37. Go to the Electric Cinema in London
  38. Watch every Disney movie in order - 200 days and only 2 ticked off whoops! I can definitely do better on this one
  39. Go to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  40. Go to Iceland and visit the Blue Lagoon
  41. See the Northern Lights
  42. Go to Stonehenge
  43. Do a skydive
  44. Do a bungee jump
  45. Decorate the house so not all the walls are magnolia
  46. Go to New Orleans during Mardi Gras
  47. Donate Platelets / Blood on a regular basis
  48. Complete a random act of kindness
  49. Go to Rome
  50. Visit Wales
  51. Visit Ireland
  52. Stand under a waterfall
  53. See 10 shows / concerts - 2/10 American Idiot, and recently went to see Brydon Mack and Mitchell and it was brilliant
  54. Visit Oxford on Alice's Day (July 6th)
  55. Clear out all my clothes so everything fits on one rail
  56. Keep logging our life together in our memory book - Needs a little update but we're always on top of this
  57. Visit New York
  58. Go to Alton Towers at Halloween - So it wasn't Halloween... BUT we did go to Alton Towers so I'm ticking this one off 
  59. Buy a BBQ
  60. Make the garden a nice place - I love our Garden now! We got all the shrubs and weeds removed and replaced it with bark I think next summer a bit more furniture and we'll be out there all the time
  61. Watch LOTR
  62. Lose weight - This is always going to be an ongoing thing because I didn't put a number on it, but I am 1/2 stone lighter than I was. 
  63. Explore Sheffield, keep ticking things off Tripadvisor - Another 11 added to the adventures list we're on 140 now 
  64. Create a freebie/something useful for my blog visitors
  65. Put up the pictures that are still in the kitchen in a pile - Success haha! I now have pictures on my magnolia walls
  66. Send 5 just because gifts
  67. Blog twice a week consistently - This has definitely dropped off, sometimes I'm just so so busy I can't keep up with blogging but I'm still keeping at it hopefully I can up some numbers
  68. Organise all of mine and Connors stuff into the house - Long and ongoing process!
  69. Celebrate our 3rd anniversary
  70. Try a new food once a month - I try! But I'm definitely a creature of habit
  71. Try a new restaurant once a month - I'm loving doing this and Sheffield is full of so many wonderful places. I try to remember to do as many reviews as possible in my Eat Sheffield 
  72. Do 50k steps on a weekly basis 
  73. Have £5k saved up in a house fund
  74. Build my blog email list to 500 - I've not made much more progress than the 100 mark from last time, but then I haven't sent an email either whoops!
  75. Organise all photos from the laptop, phone etc. on to an external hard drive - My laptop's on it's last legs so I made sure I did this asap so I don't lose any pictures
  76. Have a blog post go viral
  77. Watch a sunrise
  78. See England win the Euros
  79. Watch SUFC get promoted to the premiership - This was already a green but we're 2 months into the season now and I'm loving it
  80. Remind Connor I love him every day - This will always be ongoing but I'm definitely hitting it and making sure Connor knows how appreciated he is
  81. Turn the spare room into something useful/functional
  82. Go to a festival
  83. Go to Cornwall
  84. Visit the fairy pools in the Isle of Skye 
  85. Cook through a whole cookbook - I've started this! I got a BBQ Cookbook when I celebrated National BBQ week so I've been working through the book 
  86. Celebrate a holiday I normally don't
  87. Become a member at the board game cafe and visit often - Haven't been in the last 100 days so this definitely needs to change because we do love it there
  88. Complete 10 jigsaws - 2 complete - One Harry Potter repeating pattern and one Disney Panoramic. I think we're going to start on our anniversary jigsaw next
  89. Donate / Buy items for RSPCA Sheffield - I've been buying items from their amazon wishlist most months
  90. Write a short story
  91. Brew our own beer in the shed 
  92. Do something that scares me once a year (0/3)
  93. Join a book club
  94. Go on our Honeymoon
  95. Attend a Murder Mystery Weekend
  96. Visit a 'Dark Tourist' hotspot 
  97. Go on a Hen Do - I went to Edinburgh for my friend Sarahs and also had a fun night in Sheffield for my Mum's Hen do so double tick here
  98. 101 progress report every 3 months - I'm finding the updates really good to focus me on what to do for the next 100 days
  99. Try all the lush bath bombs they sell - I'm on 5 which isn't many but I'm remembering to track them at least
  100. Win a fantasy football league
  101. Start a new 101 list

So last time around I was at 4 completed and 22 part completed. I'm now on 11 completed and 25 part completed. I'm super pleased about that! That means in the last 100 days I managed to complete 7 new tasks which I think is good going, roll on the next 100 days lets hope I can get that number even higher

101 things in 1001 days

What goal should I focus on next?

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  1. Hats off to you! That's a lot of goals. I hope you're having a blast checking each one off of the list :)

    Sara |

    1. So many goals! But it's really helping me stay focused I'm thoroughly enjoying it

  2. Alice, I really love this idea! I just don't think I could think of enough things I want to achieve. You've really cracked on, Look forward to the next update x

    1. It took a while to think of 101 goals but it really helps you sit down and focus on right where do I want to be in 3 years or so

  3. Having 101 goals seems a great idea. But I think I will try making less than that since 101 is a bit overwhelming.

    1. I completely understand but I think over 1001 days it works out something silly like 2/3 goals completed a month which sounds much more achievable

  4. This is such a fabulous idea! So many great goals and it sounds like you're doing really well 😊 I'm also super jealous you're going somewhere with an infinity pool - I'll look forward to reading all about it!

    1. I'm so so excited for my holiday it can't come soon enough


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