What to Watch This Month: August 2019

The best TV shows you should be watching this month

Everyone has hobbies right? Whether that's something super active like going to the gym, hiking or horseriding or something a little less tiresome like playing board games, cinema or deciding what to watch on tv. I definitely fall in the latter section and my love my movies and tv is strong. After a busy week at work, there's nothing I love more than PJ days binge-watching tv or going to the cinema (read movie reviews of Captain Marvel, Us and Dumbo) so it makes sense for me to share with you guys what to watch so welcome to a new regular feature on the blog

Flat screen tv - what to watch

So before we start I will give a small disclaimer that I watch trash tv, I know I do and I bloody love it! It gives me something to watch without having to concentrate, you're unlikely to find highly intelligent documentaries in these lists (although I do love anything serial killer or Louis Theroux) but you will find highly addictive programmes to make you happy so onto my first five for August:

Orange is the new black

I can't believe this is over! I watched the final season and it reminded me just how brilliant this show has been, from the original story of Piper to shining a light on real-life issues such as prison overcrowding, drugs in prison and the implications of ICE. I cried the story really hit me towards the end and it was so beautifully written but absolutely heartbreaking. 


I'm very late to this bandwagon but after a recommendation from a colleague, I finally gave it a go and loved it! I binge-watched season one in an afternoon. It's clever and witty, self-deprecating and downright hilarious at times, the comedy can be dark but it is very relatable and shows that life isn't always sunshine and rainbows. I also like how it demonstrates a sexually liberated female - we need more of this everywhere!

Queer Eye

Yass queen! I am here and L-I-V-I-N-G for the fab five. I love every single one of them for different reasons and think together they're just perfect. I want them to visit me because they're literally living their best lives and hanging out would be it. I loved the new season just as much as all the others. I always just feel super happy after watching them do their magic so if you need something uplifting to watch then do this!

The Bachelorette

The trashiest of trash tv but I watch it every single year (not to mention The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise too!) It's always so cute and happy right? Wrong. The actual drama of this series and the ending left me shook. Hannah wasn't my favourite Bachelorette but wow that ending was not deserved. 

Dear White People

I've only watched one episode of the new series on Netflix but I'm just as hooked as I was on the first 2 seasons. Resuming just where the second season left off we pick up the stories of the black students of a predominantly white Ivy League college.

5 TV Shows to watch

What are you watching?