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Friday 23 July 2021

Manifestation Diary - Inspire Spirit Planner Review

 The Best Manifestation Diary to start your journey

Lifes busy again and if you live in England like me, covid restrictions are reducing daily meaning that events are getting planned again and you can finally see lots of family and friends. Getting back to this normal can be a strain so to stay organised and focused on your goals. I've reviewed the gorgeous Inspire Spirit Planner which I'm using as a Manifestation diary to tell you just how I'm using it to help me achieve my goals
Manifestation Diary

What is a Manifestation Diary?

A manifestation diary is the practice of aspirational thoughts with the purpose of turning them into a reality. It helps you bring something into your life through attraction and belief. For me I love the process of being able to visualise my goals and make conscious steps to achieving them such as my 101 in 1001 goals.

I've written previously about how to create a manifestation diary. Check out that post for some of the basic tips and processes of creating your own diary, but now time is a little busier and if you're not feeling super creative I highly recommend the Inspire Spirit planner*. It takes all the fuss of creating the diary and presents a perfectly curated diary already predesigned for all of your goal setting and daily life organising needs just add a few of your favourite quotes to add your own spark of creativity

Manifestation essentially is bringing something into your life through attraction and belief, it's making everything you want into a reality - do I think it works? Unsure really I've not been doing this long enough but there's a lot of people that believe in the process and if anything it just helps you visualise your goals and make steps towards achieving them.

Inspire Spirit Planner

The inspire spirit planner focuses on giving you the power to accomplish your dreams, it strives to help you make good choices towards achieving the life you want. The planner breaks everything down into 6 easy steps which work perfectly when used as a manifestation diary.

Inspire Spirit Monthly Overview

  • Wheel of life - Get a good overview of the pillars of your life, work out where you can make changes and improve your self perception
  • Goal setting - A wide list to help you set goals over the year that you want to achieve, writing goals down is proven to increase the chances of you turning them into a reality
  • Goal breakdown - By breaking down your top three goals you can start seeing real steps you can make to reach your goals effectively
  • Monthly overview - Plan your daily life out to set priorities, this is a great place to add accountability steps to your goals
  • Weekly overview - Remember everything you need to do on a daily basis but also set good habits
  • Monthly self-reflection - A great step to include in a manifestation diary is reflection, this will help you work out how to improve for next month and how to get a step closer to goals 
I've found since using the Inspire Spirit planner I'm far more organised, it's helping me plan my post-restriction life and also achieve my goals and I can't wait to see where the planner takes me

How do you organise your life?

Manifestation Diary - Inspire Spirit Planner

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