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Thursday 1 July 2021

Beat the Street Sheffield

 Beat The Street Sheffield

We've headed straight into July and hurtling towards that lovely British Summer - here's hoping the weather plays nice during all of the planned staycations. If you are staying closer to home and looking for something new and fun to do with the kids then check out Beat The Street.

Beat the street Sheffield

Beat the Street is a fun initiative created to encourage everybody to get out and about exercising no matter what their age or skill. It helps people incorporate active travel into their daily lives by turning simple activities into a fun competitive game. The Beat the Street Sheffield edition is running from 16th June - 28th July, so you've still got a whole month to get involved.

How to play Beat the Street?

The best thing about Beat the Street is that is super simple to play and completely free. You first need to pick up a card or fob from a local distribution point, theres over 20 in the city ranging from Concord to Ponds Forge to Hillsborough and Crystal Peaks library so find your closest and get ready to play. Register online to compete and then take a look at the map to find your closest Beat Box

Once you're registered and ready to play find your nearest Beat Box and swipe your card in front of the box until it beeps and flashes and then get moving! You need to get to your next beat box choice within an hour to get a whopping 10 points. Once you've swiped your next box keep on moving. As long as you swipe another box within an hour your Beat the Street Sheffield journey will continue and your points will keep growing. If you decide to stop for a bite to eat just swipe a new box to start playing again

Have a competition between your friends and family to see who can get the most points and make sure you keep track of the Beat the Street socials to find extra tips, secret surprises and even lucky boxes which can enter you to win special prizes.

After a whole year (and the rest) of lockdowns and indoor pushes Beat the Street Sheffield is a fantastic way to get back out and about in our gorgeous city exploring and having fun in a covid secure manner. Make sure you check out the HUGE Sheffield map to see just where you can investigate - with 450 beat boxes in play why not see just how many you can visit during the play time?

Beat the Street Sheffield is brought to you by Move More and Sheffield City Council. It is delivered by Intelligent Health, with funding from the National Lottery, Sport England and local partners.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and explore Sheffield!

Beat the Street Sheffield

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