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Tuesday 15 June 2021

How to increase your sexual confidence

How to increase your sexual confidence

Confidence is hard, right? Confidence in any walk of life can take a lot of time to build up to be fully assured of yourself, so sexual confidence can feel even harder to find. But don't fear I've put together some tips and hints to help increase your sexual confidence so whether you're looking to start a new relationship, meet someone new for fun via mybdsmhookups* or explore your sexuality using subsanddoms* then I've got you covered.

Sexual Confidence Kit

1) Love Yourself

In the very famous words of Ru Paul - if you can't love yourself how in the hell are you gonna love anybody else?
It's the most important part of any type of confidence, it needs to come from you and come from inside. Nobody else can make you confident so start practicing loving yourself. Keeping a thought journal and practicing empowering affirmations every morning can help you alter your mindset and really understand yourself a little better. Reflecting on your thoughts and goals can help you understand your mind better and build that confidence

2) Fake It till you make it

Of course, while you're finding yourself and your confidence and building that up it's a process. The best advice I've ever been given in regards to confidence is to fake it. Until you have your empowered mindset then fake that confidence because the only person who will know is you. So whether you're heading out onto a first date now things are slowly reopening or you're trying to spice things up in the bedroom channel your inner confidence and fake it if needed to get what you want. Being confident is a sure fire way to help you find your perfect partner

3) Be Body Beautiful

In regards to sexual confidence, being naked and loving your body is obviously hugely important. This can take time, as most people out there have a few body hang-ups but to get true confidence you need to learn to love your body flaws and all. Start seeing yourself naked more often, explore your body when you're in the shower. Take a look at yourself naked in a mirror and remind yourself you are fabulous, you are confident and you've got this. If you're heading out into the dating world or date night in a relationship then treat yourself to some new lingerie. Whether your lucky date gets to see it is irrelevant, treating yourself and knowing you look sexy under your clothing should be an instant confidence boost for you

4) Set the mood

If your dating and dates have gone well and you're finding yourself heading back to the bedroom to test out your sexual confidence, then make sure you set the mood. Mood enhancements and making the room feel and look sexier will help you relax into the situation and channel your inner confidence. Mood lighting, sensual candles, music all all aspects of a room you can control to make the moment right for you to feel comfortable. A secret tip is also a lavender pillow spray, this can help calm any anxieties you may have and reduce those sexual nerves so you can fully enjoy the moment

What's your top sexual confidence tip?

Sexual Confidence

Sexual Confidence

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