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Friday 4 June 2021

The 6 Best Dates to do this summer

Best Dates this Summer

After a solid week of sunshine in England I think it's safe to say Summer is here. I'm absolutely loving soaking up the sun, spending more time with family and friends and getting out and about.

Now England is slowly opening up it means that dating is back on the cards and me and Connor have loved getting back to proper date nights. If you're using a Bedfordshire Dating Site* to meet someone then the warmer nights and sunny days offer plenty of ample opportunity to meet up. Make sure your dating profile is updated and get out there in your best summer accessories for this summer of love
Best Dates This Summer

With the days being longer day dates are the perfect idea for fun summer dates. It gives you the chance to enjoy the sunshine and the date can then go on for as long as you feel comfortable. So I've put together a list of the best Summer Date Ideas:

  1. Go to a new independent coffee shop - Lots of budding new businesses opened up during lockdown and there are tons of independent businesses needing our help to kick start after the lockdowns. Take a look at what's new in your local area and pick a new coffee shop to try out

  2. Go on a hike - If you and your date from the Bedfordshire dating* site are the sporty types then get your hike on together. Pick somewhere picturesque and get an early start to avoid the midday sun. Exploring together is always a good conversation starter

  3. Go on a drive - What better way to enjoy the sunshine than going on a surprise road trip! One of our best date ideas is playing the flip a coin road game where you decide to flip the coin to turn left or right and make an adventure wherever you end up. It's so much fun and gets you out exploring somewhere you might not normally think to go

  4. Grab some ice cream - What better way to cool down on a hot summers day than by grabbing an ice cream. There are tons of dessert parlours around or go proper old school and hunt out an ice cream man and see what treats he has. I remember a Witches hat special when I was at school which was a rocket lolly in the top of a 99! I don't even know if they still exist

  5. Go Thrift Shopping - Thrift / Charity shopping is SUCH a fun date. Set each other a £10 limit and see what fab presents you can thrift for each other. It's a really cute way of seeing how each others personalities shine through while also doing your bit with a touch of eco shopping

  6. Have a BBQ - Nothing screams british summer time more than a BBQ. Head to the shops and stock up on some BBQ favourites, or if you don't feel like cooking check out your nearest BBQ restaurants or pubs, tons are doing big summer parties with BBQs 

Whatever you choose to do in this gorgeous sunshine with your new date make sure you're staying safe both online and offline!

What's your best date idea this summer?

Summer Date Nights

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