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Thursday 13 May 2021

How to clean Vinyl Flooring

Proper Cleaning for Vinyl Flooring

Those of us who have invested in the long-term benefits of flooring such as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is well aware of its consistency in keeping safe from various spills and stains, but we also accept that we have to do our part in ensuring it stays looking fabulous and reinforced.

The good news is that the cleaning of the floor is a simple exercise that takes a matter of seconds to minutes. It also does not require expensive chemicals to retain its look and appeal. Avoiding the nightmare of cleaning solutions, vinyl flooring makes it quite easy on your time and expense.

When all it takes is some warm soapy water, occasionally mixed with vinegar, throughout a fortnightly mop, you are getting your money's worth and lifespan.


Starting, it is always advised to give your floor a quick sweep with a non-metal bristle brush to ensure all layer dust and debris is cleared.

Once this has been completed, you simply fill your bucket with warm water and add 1 teaspoon of white vinegar to the mix. The acidic mixture adds to the pristine cleaning of the floor and does affect its wear layer. If you were to use any form of bleach or alcohol you would face the chance of eroding your planks or tiles design layer.

After mixing, simply mop the floor being sure not to soak it. Thoroughly wring the mop before each stroke.


Vinyl planks will require cleaning on a more regular basis if you want to keep that fresh look straight out of the packaging. 

Should they be placed into a heavy traffic room then you run the risk of it becoming dull without giving it the proper care . Planks need to be swept and vacuumed before being mopped with a mild cleaning agent (recommended by supplier) and staying clear of abrasive products which could scratch the grey wood floors surface 

Any liquid soaps that you do use need to be cleaned with plain water and dried with no traces of residue. Again, soaking planks with too much water can affect them in the long run or weaken any adhesive used in an installation.

LVT Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl tile is undoubtedly the easier product to maintain. Simple sweeping and vacuuming as normal, followed by the mop will keep it looking as it should.

Even though tiles are water-resistant they can still be vulnerable to larger amounts of water left on their surface for too long, so be sure when mopping you don't soak and don't leave it wet for too long afterwards. Occasionally the grout between the tiles will require cleaning also, to which soft-bristled brushes and warm water can handle the spaces presented and get it back to normal.

There are many tips you get from your supplier for specific ranges of Luvanto* luxury vinyl flooring such as Luvanto Endure Pro and Luvanto Design, so be sure to get any guides they have to hand. Pair the gorgeous vinyl with toughened glass for an ultra modern look in your home

Do you have any top tips for cleaning?
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