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Saturday 8 May 2021

Pick and Mix Sweets - Panda Sweets Review

Pick and Mix Sweets

We're hurtling towards 17th May where in England restrictions ease up a little further meaning we can go to places like the cinema again. I can't wait to go back and watch a film, but one thing I won't be doing again is buying pick and mix sweets at the cinema. While I absolutely love Pick and Mix sweets the price of getting a good choice and selection is extortionate and since discovering Panda Sweets* I'll never go back

Pick and Mix Sweets

Panda Sweets Review

Panda Sweets are an online traditional sweet shop with a huge selection of retro sweets. They everything you can think of from boiled sweets, jellys, fizzy sweets, marshmallows and everything in between. They have over 500 different varieties so you're bound to find your favourite. 

They design and produce all of the sweet gifts brimming with all of your favourites making it the perfect choice for gifts. One thing I absolutely love about the Panda Sweets website is the filtering options. You can choose by sweet type, flavour, colour and even dietary need. This makes it really simple to focus in on your favourites or order for a special occasion that needs a colour scheme.

If you have a dietary requirement the fact you can choose between diary free, gluten free, halal, vegan etc. really helps you narrow down your choices and makes sure you're not missing out on delicious sweets.

As I mentioned at the start my very favourite is their pick and mix sweets collection. With 7 different options you can choose to have your favourite pick and mix delivered, with prices starting at £7.49 for 1kg of sweets you really can't go wrong. The sweets themselves arrive in an airtight bag keeping them fresh and delicious ready for your consumption (and they had a year expiry so excellent to spread out over the movie nights you're having)

What's your favourite sweet?

Pick and mix sweets delivered

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