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Sunday 23 May 2021

How you're using AI in daily life

How you're using AI in daily life

Technology has absolutely sky rocketing and living in this modern technology age is incredibly exciting, it changes everything we do and now the influences of Using AI in our daily life can be seen.

AI or Artificial Intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines, the computers and machines have been built to mimic human interactions and human problem solving skills, using machine learning to develop their knowledge to have a positive impact on our everyday lives. You might think you don't use AI - but believe me you do it's creeping into every area of life you can imagine
AI Daily Life

AI in Daily Life - Where are you using it?

For many it's not a conscious effort to embrace AI into their daily life, it's becoming a norm and nifty tricks that you might not realise are linked to AI at all. Machine learning is having a huge impact on so many different industries with machines from Industrial Vision Systemsleading the way in driving industry change, and improving efficiency at work but what about your daily life? Here's three ways you're probably using AI on a daily basis

Digital Personal Assistants

With the boom of home assistants there's many households that now contain an assistant whether you're an Alexa fan or you chat to Iphone's Siri, these helpful personal assistants who can seemingly do everything. They remember your to do list, to providing you answers to random questions and even playing games together. The machine learning technology powering the assistants is AI and predictive technology at it's core, the more you interact the more the Assistants learn until eventually they're reminding you of things you had completely forgotten about, or prompting you to order shopping you didn't realise you needed yet.

Smart Home Technology

The huge rise in the internet of things technology means that within our homes we're likely to have tons of devices connecting to the internet and each other to make our homes smarter. Everything from lights, hive heating control, robot vacuum cleaners and even door bells that now connect to our phones. All of this technology is designed to make our lives simpler, it's also an example of how machine learning and AI are integrated into daily life. Using smart home technology allows our devices to build a picture and help us to be more efficient, whether thats automatically turning the heating on when it reaches a certain temperature, or allowing us to turn lights on while away from the home. Technology is taking away tasks and making them automated 

Social Media

Hands up who's ever had a conversation about something and then been inundated with adverts when you next go on social media? By learning our habits and understanding our search history companies are utilising that knowledge to market to us more effectively. Another example of AI within social media is your 'feed' on popular channels such as twitter and instagram, the AI works to show you content it feels you want to see. The more you interact with certain tweets or hashtags the more likely it is that the AI will push that content to you. You can even check on your social media accounts what assumptions have been made about you by the AI system to advertisers 

Technology is evolving massively, and AI is becoming ingrained in our daily life. Some people worry about what this means, but I think we should embrace the wonderful technology we've created and use it to our advantage

What's your favourite technology tip / hack you couldn't live without?

AI Technology

AI Technology

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