Womens Christmas Presents they DEFINITELY want

Womens Christmas Presents Ideas

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I hope you guys are enjoying my Christmas Gift Guides and discovering lots of new independent brands - if you've missed them check out my Pet Gift Guide and Men's Gift Guide.  Onto Day 3 of my Christmas Gift Guides and today is the turn of the lovely ladies, this was by far the easiest gift guide as I would love ALL of my choices so here goes my Womens Christmas presents guide

Luxury Bubbles Hamper

Bath Hamper - Luxury Bubbles*

I adore having a bath, it's one of my top self-care moments and really makes me happy so having lots of bath goodies makes me even happier. Luxury Bubbles is a local Sheffield company specialising in creating vegan and cruelty-free bath bombs, shower gels, soap slices, sponges and they smell absolutely divine! 

Turtle Necklace

Turtle Necklace - Sand And Seagulls*

Sand and Seagulls have the most beautiful selection of nautical and coastal accessories and jewellery. There are so many things I could recommend here from the vitamin sea hoody to the summertime beach huts but my favourite items are definitely the jewellery pieces. How cute is the turtle on this necklace?

Eye Majic Eyeshadow

Eye Majic Eyeshadow - Instant Beauty*

As a female, I'm absolutely terrible at putting on makeup! I don't seem to have the natural instinct and always end up looking like a clown. However, all my prayers are answered with the amazing Eye Majic eyeshadows, the applicators are coated with beautifully pigmented colours and in less than 10 seconds you have flawless eyes

Zodiac Pouch and Pin

Zodiac Pouch and Pin Gift Set - Alphabet Bags

Anyone else love star signs? I don't necessarily read them always but I do love items representing my Aquarius sign so this pouch and pin set is lovely! Such gorgeous craft and embroidery perfect for your essentials in your handbag plus an enamel pin to brighten up any outfit

Positive Planner

Positive Planner

Self-care and mindfulness is so important in the crazy hectic world we live in and I love the idea of a positive planner to keep you on track and reflective it will really help your mindset and keep you on track. The design is bright and yellow and gives you tasks daily to complete
Christmas Presents for Women

What are you asking for this Christmas?