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Sunday 24 November 2019

Mens Christmas Presents they'll love you for

Mens Christmas Presents they'll love you for

It's Day 2 of my gift guide bonanza getting you prepared for Christmas 2019 with the best Mens Christmas Present ideas for the man in your life. Let's kick off surprising the man in your life because let's face it they are the most awkward people to buy for

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Personal Barber Classic Shaving Kit

Classic Shaving Starter Kit - The Personal Barber*

Personal grooming is such a big thing these days for men, gone are the days when a 7in1 shower gel is all the grooming they do. I for one love it and actively encourage it that's why I think this Classic Shaving Starter Kit is just amazing. It's a classic kit for an old school shave. It leaves the multi-cartridge razors redundant and gives you such a close shave


Good Night Capsules - Yeti & Fox*

These capsules are the best thing ever! Basically formulated to make sure you can have the best nights out with minimal downtime the day after. Scientifically formulated using powerful antioxidants it boosts your livers' ability to metabolise the alcohol and make sure you're not hungover the next day. Even better you can get 40% off your purchase with the code YETI4XMAS

Video Game Controller Cufflinks

Video Game Controller Cufflinks - Little Extras

How adorable are these cufflinks? I think Cufflinks are such a cute way to show a little personality, the opportunities you'd need to wear them are often highly formal such as work, weddings, etc. so I think cufflinks should be a little more fun and show personality. I love that they're wooden too they'd make a lovely gift

He-Man Abstract Print

He-Man Compilation Print - Abstract Heroes

So I'm often aware that our home is a little girly and feminine so to bring a little more masculinity how amazing is this He-Man Print? I love that it's abstract it's like a little secret that only fans would understand and recognise and it's insanely affordable too coming in 3 sizes
Personalised Phone Stand

Personalised Keyring Phone Stand - MijMoj

This is absolutely genius! How many times have you been streaming a show while on the train, plane or just casually at your desk? Imagine being able to do that hands-free and still being able to achieve the no glare angles. I know Connor would love this plus you can personalise it too

Mens Christmas Presents

What Christmas presents for men are you getting?
Which small businesses would you recommend?

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