How to make a bed like a hotel

How to make a bed like a hotel

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Sleep is so underrated! There's nothing I love more than getting into bed ready for a good nights sleep. That feeling of freshly washed quilt covers and sheets as you get cosy is one of my favourite feelings ever. We've recently returned from holiday which has meant staying in two different hotels and there's something about hotel beds that feels so luxurious that I decided I'd try and emulate that at home, I've already got my bathroom sparkling so now time to work on my bedroom and learn how to make a bed like a hotel.

Yorkshire Linen King Size Quilt Cover

Changing your quilt cover can be the easiest way of transforming an entire room and incredibly cost effective if you fancy a spruce up of a space. If like me you're trying to emulate a hotel look here's how to achieve it

Finding the right items

Before you start making your bed a hotel standard you need to make sure you have the best quality items to be working with. Try and stick to whites and neutrals for the actual duvet and accent with colourful accessories such as a throw, pillows, cushions etc. Of course, there are lots of other options too from printed, stripes, solids and even quite extravagant quilt covers if you wanted to make more of a statement.

Underneath the quilt cover is one of the most important aspects of making your bed feel luxurious. The crisp clean sheets are what can transform your bed from standard to heavenly sleeping. Aim for around the 300 thread cotton sheets, they're more breathable and can help you stay cool during the night and have a more peaceful sleep

Dressing the bed

I hate and I repeat - HATE making the bed. I think it's because I'm so short I just feel swamped by the covers and sheets but to achieve a hotel style dressing the bed correctly is important. Pulling the sheets taut and practising hospital corners can make a huge difference to the overall appearance at the end. Final touches making sure everything is tucked in neatly, pillows and plumped and fluffy before moving onto the accents to complete the look

Completing the look

Once you've picked the right king size quilt cover, dressed the bed with smooth clean sheets and the cover you're ready to add accents to complete the look. If you've stuck to neutrals then here is the time to add a pop of colour to your room. Accent pillows and a throw along the bottom of the bed will really bring the look together, maybe even use a colour that compliments the rest of your bedroom decor

You can effectively transform your bedroom entirely and with prices for a King size quilt cover as low as £20 on Yorkshire Linen it's incredibly cost effective too

Make a bed like a hotel

What kind of bedding do you have?