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Wednesday 28 October 2020

Beauty Empties #1

Beauty Empties October 2020

Oh wow an empties post takes me back, I used to write these years ago and not sure why I stopped. In the last few months due to being home more I've had less opportunity to shop and it's pushed me to try and use up my toiletries I've already got and I thought I may as well get back to showing you guys everything I use and whether I'd buy again

We may as well start with why I'll never become a proper beauty blogger because I use far too many face wipes, these ones are plastic-free though so slightly better. I would buy again but they do dry out reasonably quick

I adore Lush and can't really walk past without buying a new bath bomb this one smells amazing, turns your water green and smells like lemongrass. It was super moisturising and left my skin feeling really soft 

This smells absolutely divine! It's a really thick conditioner which meant it lasted for ages, the bottles pretty annoying as a square to actually get the conditioner out though so definite design flaw but it's so cheap definitely worth the annoyance for only £1

I love TRESemme shampoo it always leaves my hair feeling really clean and fresh, I had this on a subscribe and save on amazon meaning I got it for 15% less - definitely worth checking out if you buy the same products every month to get them all delivered at once and save money 

I didn't buy this, I think it was a leftover christmas present. The smell was pretty nice but I found it a little harsh on my sensitive skin so not something I'm planning on rebuying

Lockdown purchases ahoy! I definitely needed this in the middle of lockdown and I'm so glad Amazon had the brand and colour I use. I adore Nutrisse for home hair dye it's so nourishing and I'm obsessed with the conditioner that's included I wish they sold that seperately

Another christmas item - definitely clearing out again before this Christmas, I loved the smell of this one it's clearly S&G but had a much more cinnamon smell than usual. I'm not sure it can be bought seperately but can usually be found in their Christmas Sets

This was so good for my gums and really helped me out with a sensitivity issue I had for a while but it didn't necessarily give me a minty fresh feel I expect it was slightly chalky so only something I'd buy if I was suffering with my gums / sensitivity again

Beauty Empties

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