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Saturday 7 November 2020

10 Christmas Gifts for Him

Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Another weekend closer to Christmas, if you're counting we've only got 7 left including this one so definitely time to get looking for those gifts. All of these items can obviously be bought for anyone it's just easier to group together the items typically bought the men in our lives - I always struggle with these presents the most. Due to current restrictions, I've made sure all items can be purchased online so you can continue your shopping in England during the lockdown

Alcosense Excel

Alcosense Excel - £99.99 - Alcosense*

This is such a clever gift and one that a lot of people didn't know they needed but wouldn't actually be without once they have one. The Alcosense Excel is a fuel cell breathalyzer that will truly give you the gift of safety this Christmas. A lot of people consume more than usual with their alcohol intake over the festive period and may not know when they can actually drive the next day - this cool product gives you the reassurance, you blow into the tube and it flashes up whether the alcohol has left your body and if you are safe to drive. The perfect product for those who like to enjoy a boozy Christmas to keep them safe.

Trendhim Satchel Bag

Canvas Satchel Bag - £57 - Trendhim*

A lot of things have changed in our lives due to the pandemic, one being that most office workers now have to cart their laptop everywhere with them just in case we get locked down again or things change. This has led to lots of laptop bags bought but why not buy a more stylish one? This satchel bag is crafted from tough canvas and has a spacious inner compartment for a laptop and a front pouch for other items such as a phone, pens, etc. I think our life is going to remain changed for a while so this is perfect for those high flyers in your life who need a laptop everywhere they go

Scratch Beer Bucket List

Scratch off Beer Bucket List - £12.99 - Prezzybox*

I love this idea and its definitely one Connor would love it's like the scratch off maps but with different beers from all around the world. If you know a beer lover this is the perfect gift with 100 new beers they can try
Lacoste Blanc Gift Set

Lacoste Blanc Gift Set - £35.95 - Fragrance Direct

I absolutely love nice smelling aftershave, there's nothing better than a nice smelling man and Christmas is a great time to buy a new one. This Lacoste gift set is a great offer and smells divine

Monthly book subscription

3 Month Book Subscription - £40 - NOTHS*

I love the idea of giving subscriptions as a gift, it's something that lasts way beyond Christmas and keeps on giving for the length you've chosen. This is a really cool present which based on a few questionnaires and interests given by the individual will send a book personally chosen for them on a monthly basis. Think of it as a modern book club, but you don't need to analyse it afterwards. Perfect for the bookworm

Mandalorian Funko Pop The Child

The Mandalorian The Child Funko Pop - £12.99 - EMP

Let's face it no matter what the age, men don't really grow up. I know Connor hasn't he still loves all his games and animated shows, he's been eagerly awaiting the new Mandalorian which is now live on Disney+ so this would make a great gift, even I can cope with a baby Yoda on display 

Bamigo Bamboo Pyjama Bottoms

Bamboo Pyjama Bottoms - £49.99 - Bamigo*

The pandemic has changed a lot of things, mainly that we're all spending a lot more time at home and if I'm honest I can't see that changing dramatically for quite a while so it makes sense to invest in some comfy and stylish 'home' clothes. These bamboo pyjama bottoms are sustainable and durable that allow the skin to breathe. With a soft elasticated band and pockets they're the perfect comfy attire for any indoor activity that arises. Perfect for those likely to be working from home for a while

Natural Barber Co Products

Hades Matte Paste & Zeus Pomade - £16.95 Each - Natural Barber Co*

Natural Barber Co. specialise in creating mens grooming products in a natural way. Free from any nasty chemicals these products are great for the environment as well as being really cool. Different products for different hair styles so buy Hades if you have fine or medium hair as it's a lightweight thickening paste and Zeus gives a classic slicked back look. Both are perfect for the groomers in your life

Chocolate Socks - £9.99 - Amazon*

Socks are such a classic man gift aren't they? I have no idea why buy I'm not one to break tradition. Socks definitely don't have to be boring though these chocolate socks look like an actual chocolate bar which I think is pretty cute. Perfect for a secret santa

My Cuppa Tea Mug

My Cuppa Tea Mug - £10.07 - Amazon*
As someone who doesn't really drink a lot of tea it always amuses me how much shit it can cause if you get a tea that's not what you want. So heres the perfect gift to stop any issues no matter what your favourite kind of tea

Mens Christmas Gift Guide

What are you buying for the men in your life this Christmas?

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