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Monday 30 November 2020

Where to go while Sheffield is in Tier 3

Places to go in Sheffield during Tier 3

As of tomorrow (2nd December), we head out of lockdown into Tier 3 Restrictions - which you could be confused by because for all intents and purposes they're incredibly similar. Normally at the start of a month I try and highlight all of the fun things to do and places you can go during the coming month. Unfortunately while in Tier 3 we're very limited on what we're actually allowed to do - so this month is a little different in that I'm going to focus on 31 Outdoor areas / parks etc. you can safely visit during these restrictions 
Here's to hoping the rates keep dropping in our lovely city of Sheffield and our steel grit keeps us going. 

Damflask Reservoir

31 Places you can go in Sheffield during Tier 3 Restrictions

  • Damflask Reservoir
  • The Botanical Gardens
  • Graves Park
  • Rivelin Valley Nature Trail
  • Endcliffe Park
  • Ecclesall Woods
  • Weston Park
  • Peace Gardens
  • Millhouses Park
  • Forge Dam Park
  • Sheffield Manor Lodge
  • Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet
  • Bishops House
  • Hillsborough Park
  • Five Weirs Walk
  • Crookes Valley Park
  • Meersbrook Park
  • Wyming Brook Nature Reserve
  • Whirlow Brook Park
  • Chelsea Park
  • Broomhead Reservoir
  • Ecclesfield Park
  • Ladies Spring Wood
  • Glen Howe Park
  • Shirebook Valley Nature Reserve
  • Chancet Wood
  • Penny Hill Wind Farm
  • Agden Reservoir
  • Storrs Wood
  • Anston Stones Wood
  • Barlow Lakes
Winter Walks in Sheffield

Where are you taking winter walks during December?

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