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Friday 27 November 2020

10 Kids Christmas Gift Ideas

10 Kids Christmas Gift Ideas

Can you believe we're only 4 weeks away from Christmas - I'm feeling very smug this week as I've just completed my present shopping so now I've got a whole month to chill out. I haven't had to buy for many kids though, which I know can be tricky because they change their minds so often. I've put together a guide of 10 cute presents for kids, these aren't the most popular gifts they're more the little extras and surprises they'll enjoy but didn't know they wanted

Aveeno Baby Moisturiser

Aveeno Mum & Baby Giftset - £20 - Boots*

I adore Aveeno moisturiser so much. I've got quite dry skin and can be eczema-prone so it's one I always recommend so seeing their baby range I know what great quality it is. This is a lovely set for the newest of the kiddos in your life and even comes with a little soother too. It's the perfect skincare bundle for delicate skin and helps establish a good routine for the winter. Perfect for those new mums and dads

Pass the Pugs

Pass the Pugs - £9.99 - Winning Moves*

Based on the original and addictive pass the pigs, this new party game pass the pugs is sure to keep kids and adults alike entertained for hours. Recommended for ages 6 and above, this game is super easy to learn just throw the pugs like dice and see how they land. The different landing combinations score you points and the first to 100 wins. The mastery of these tricks and the luck you need to score high make this a game with lasting power and a really easy one to play over the festive season

Harry Potter Enamel Pin

Harry Potter Enamel Pin - £8.95 - Wizarding World*

If your little one is a Harry Potter Fan this is a lovely timeless gift. The Wizarding World has a whole host of beautiful enamel pins from single purchases to a whole house collection. Sign your little one up to the fan club and be reminded when new pins enter the collection and celebrate the magical events, characters and locations they've grown to love 

Galaxy Ice Skates

Galaxy Ice Skates - £44.95 - Skates*

If you've got a budding Michelle Kwan on your hands then these galaxy ice skates are the perfect present. They provide maximum support while remaining comfy and super stylish. If your little one is more a rollerblader or even a skateboarder then head to Skates for all your activity needs. They're a family run business with true experts advising you on the perfect gift for your little one - they even have adult scooters if you fancy a change with you commute. 

Chocolate London Kit

Melt and Make Chocolate London Kit - £14.50 - NOTHS*

Clever, crafty and delicious! Recreate a beautiful London scene complete with moulds, belgian chocolate and chefs hat. The moulds are incredibly detailed to give a chocolate big ben, taxi and bus. This is bound to keep even the bigger kids quiet for a few hours while they craft and enjoy their creations

Neon Effect Sign

Neon Sign Light - £14.99 - Prezzybox*

Brownie points to be had with this present for sure! It's fun and crafty enough to keep your tweens busy but cool enough for them to show off to their friends with selfies under their new creation. Pink or Blue lights are randomly allocated the bendy wire can be twisted into any creation so let their imagination run wild

Sillbird Stem Robot

Sillbird STEM Robot  - £36.99 - Amazon*

Cool and educational - every parents dream present. Get your mini techie a present which will help them develop a whole heap of skills while having fun. There's a choice over remote movement or first steps into a programming app. Keep them busy all festive season with this present

Kids Building Fort

Construction Fort Building Kit  - £32.99 - Amazon*

Making dens and forts has come such a long way since I was little! But it's nice to see the old bed sheets still have a big part to play. This construction kit has all the tools you could need to create exciting forts to play in. Complete with a building guide for ideas but your imagination can run wild to create your perfect den. 

Game of Phones

Game of Phones  - £22.99 - Amazon*

Got a teenager that's stuck to their phone? Never fear you can totally use that to your advantage and include them in a family game called Game of Phones. It utilises peoples smart phones and gives you a task to complete - like a digital scavenger hunt and one that means your teens can actually play on their phone while still having fun with the family

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker  - £85.80 - Amazon*

This is seriously cool! It's a bluetooth speaker with excellent sound quality while also being an orb that levitates above stand which changes colour to the sound of the music. The orb automatically rotates during the song and it can give a whopping 8 hours of playback each charge. Serious cool points to be had and the perfect gift for teens

If you're still stuck for ideas then check out this guide for young children or a weird and wonderful guide and read why magazine subscriptions always make a great present

Kids Christmas Gift Guide

What has your kid asked for this year?

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