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Sunday 5 July 2020

COMPETITION - Win A Personalised Water Bottle

Win a Personalised Water Bottle

Hands up who doesn't drink enough water. Even more so since the start of lockdown I think so many of us are so stuck into what work we're doing we might forget to drink, normal everyday life could see you at the water cooler taking a break in the office which a lot of people don't do as much when they're managing their own time. It's recommended to drink around 2L of water a day so I've been working really hard on doing better with this and what better way than with a really cute water bottle?
Personalised Water Bottle

Part of increasing my water intake also meant I wanted to keep eco-friendly and not use single-use water bottles. I'm not a fussy water drinker and I'm perfectly happy drinking from the tap so a reuseable bottle was definitely top of my agenda. I also wanted one with a straw because I'm like a child and find I can drink much more with a straw so the Personalised Water Bottle from Personalised Gifts Market was ideal

It has such a clean feel to it, the lid has a really helpful handle meaning if you're out and about you can loop a carabiner into it to store it on your backpack. It holds 700ml so I'd need to fill up 3 times during a day, but I think that's the best way to drink water because that way it will always stay cool. I love the distinctive pink cursive writing and I could have my name on it! It reminds me of the Love Island Water Bottles and I can now chill out in the garden this summer with my own version and pretend I'm in a villa somewhere much warmer

Fancy your own personalised water bottle? Enter your details in the rafflecopter below. All entries are optional so you can choose whether to complete 1 task or all of them. UK only unfortunately sorry to my international readers

Love Island Water Bottle

How much water do you think you drink in a normal day?

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  1. I'm pretty good at water consumption, I tend to drink around 5-6 pints a day, plus mugs of tea. But that's when I'm home, out and about is harder so this would be super useful! Lisa

    1. Wow thats so good I definitely need to increase mine!


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