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Tuesday 1 November 2022

101 in 1001 - 300 day update

 300 Day Goal Update

There's literally only two months left of 2022 and I'm a whole 300 days into my newest 101 in 1001 challenge (check my old list here). 2022 has been the year I've been on maternity leave which has been so much fun spending all the time with Max. Let's see what progress I've made this year. 
My Full 101 in 1001 list can be found here and then my 100 day update and 200 day update so you can see just where my progress has come from 

Autumn Leaves



[2] Create Our Wedding Album - We finally got around to completing this a year after we got married. It was so lovely looking back at our pictures and making the album together

[22] Cook through a cookbook - I managed to cook through one of my Pinch of Nom Cookbooks, I really enjoyed trying lots of new recipes and I'm making my way through the What Mama Makes book now

[28] See England win a world cup - The Lionesses absolutely smashed it this summer and won! 

[82] Tripadvisor to 250 visited - We've smashed this over the summer and we've now got to 250 places visited on our Tripadvisor list, now to see just how far I can take it

[86] Visit the Lake District for a break - We spent a week at Center Parcs in Cumbria and it was an absolute dream of a break. It was so wonderful to get away into the woods

[90] Go to Edinburgh - We followed up our Center Parcs break with a lovely weekend with family in Edinburgh, it was so nice to get up there and visit


[1] Take a picture of Max every week - We're almost at a whole year of my baby and we've stuck to Friday picture every week it's amazing how much he's changed

[3] Celebrate our Wedding anniversary - We celebrated our first wedding anniversary so this one will stay in progress until out second one

[4] Date night once a month - We've continued doing this from dates at the Board Game Cafe, to Golf Fang and of course the Cinema

[8] See grandparents and great grandparents every week - We keep doing this and Max has such a wonderful bond

[9] Tell Connor I love him every day - Always an easy one to do!

[10] Celebrate all Max's Milestones - In the last 100 days we've started crawling and cruising and attempting steps. His three teeth has turned into eight and he's turning into such a little character

[11] 10k instagram followers - 7300 currently so that's a few hundred dropped but I have been trying to get rid of spammy accounts that follow me

[12] 10k Twitter followers - 7700 currently so a few hundred dropped again trying to sort my followers out so they're genuine

[13] 100k audience on Pinterest - This plummeted down to the 20k mark so definitely something I need to focus on again

[14] 10k blog views per month - Averaging around 2k - 4k currently, a bit of a drop but expected during busier summer months

[15] 10 new blog posts a month - Fluctuating but roughly at around 5 a month, definitely need to focus on improving it

[16] Get blog DA to 30 - Currently still sat at 20

[21] Watch every Disney movie - Up to 2006 with my Disney movies

[23] Try all the lush bath bombs - This list has grown a lot with the new seasonal additions but it's still one of my favourite goals and I love trying the new ones. I've recently been working through the Lush X Onepiece collection

[25] Read a new book a month - Still at 5 with this one so definitely needs some focus to catch back up

[26] Shop a store a month at Meadowhall - I've been keeping up with this one. It's fun going in to a store that I might not usually for a peruse

[29] Complete two point hospital to 100% - I'm stuck on the last two levels but I keep at it

[34] Finish changing my name everywhere - Added a few more on this list and trying to get round to the annoying ones where I need to go in

[38] Make 3k selling clutter on eBay / Vinted - I'm way over the £1000 mark now, which means technically I've done this years amount but I'm going to keep going and try and get there as fast as I can

[39] Save £5 for each completed item on the list - My little pot keeps on growing

[46] Regular yearly checks ups (Doctors / Dentist / Opticians) - I've got a Dentist appointment booked! So once that's ticked that will be my first years ticked

[51] Reduce work hours - This has all been submitted to work so fingers crossed!

[64] Buy garden furniture to make it a nice place for the summer - I've got a lovely patio set but this one is on pause till next summer to get it perfect

[65] Create an office space in the bedroom - Ikea order made! Hopefully my office space will be completed before the end of this month

[66] Have a cleaning routine and get on top of keeping a tidy home - I completely blitzed my whole house and now I'm trying to keep on top of it but don't think I'll have a proper routine until I'm back at work and can work out how much time I have

[68] Meal plan regularly - This has almost become second nature now, I'm intrigued to see how it changes once I'm back at work

[74] Go out with family/friends once a month - I'm keeping up with this making fun memories with lots of family

[79] Buy 5 just because gifts - Still on the one but I'm not wanting to force this more it be natural when I see something someone will like

[80] Say yes more often - I'm working on this, I find it difficult as I'm definitely an introvert but saying yes definitely helps me push my boundaries

[87] Complete a map square weekly while out walking - I definitely need to get out walking more but I'm still working hard on this one

[91] Start driving again - I've started driving again, Connors helping me learn in the new car I just need to build my confidence

[92] Keep up using a daily diary - I'm still using my Inspire Spirit Diary every week / month to keep me focused on my goals

[94] Do something that scares me once a year (1/3) - This ones on pause till next year let's see what scary thing I manage!

[97] Make 20 things I've seen on Pinterest - I've started trying out some of the recipes I save on Pinterest. So far I've made 5 things (cosmic brownies, chocolate orange brownies, crunchie brownies, nutella fridge bars, pepperoni dough bombs)

[100] Do 100 day check ins on 101 goals - My third check in! And it is lovely seeing the progress, roll on my 400 day update

So that's another 6 tasks completed taking me to 16/101 completed and my in progress list now stands at 35/101 which means I've made my progress goal I set in my last challenge which is fab - it shows that the check ins are great at keeping me focused. It also means over half of my tasks have some kind of movement towards completion which for a third of the way through is fantastic

My goal for my 400 day update is to be on 20 completed and 40 in progress so let's see how we get on!

What goal should I focus on next?
300 day update

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