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Monday 14 November 2022

Star Wars Stretch Review

 Star Wars Stretch Toys Review

Ever since finding out I was pregnant and then discovering I was having a little boy, his dad has been looking forward to playtime and discovering shared interests. One of dad's loves is Star Wars so he's hoping Max will share his love, one way to do that was to introduce him to the cool characters and the fab range of Star Wars Stretch Toys

Star Wars Stretch

The classic toys from our youth is definitely a Stretch Armstrong so it's fantastic to see the character innovation to bring much-loved Star Wars characters in a stretchy form it makes for endless play scenarios

Star Wars Characters

There's a really big variety of characters in the Star Wars Stretch range with favourites such as Darth Vadar, Storm Troopers, Boba Fett and C3PO available in the mini stretch form. You can also get Darth Vadar, Chewbacca and Jabba the Hutt in giant stretch form. We were lucky enough to receive a giant Darth and a mini Boba Fett to try out

Now these toys do have an age rating of 5+ so will be saved for Max to play with when he's older. So daddy had to try out the toys and just how stretchy they are.

Stretch Star Wars Darth Vadar

The Sith Lord himself, Darth Vadar is one of the most iconic recognisable characters from the Star Wars franchise. To see him in giant stretch form was very impressive. The detailing is excellent and will please even the biggest Star Wars fan. He's super stretchy, you can stretch, pull and even tie him in knots. When released he uses his special dark powers (probably) to return back to his original size and shape. The giant Darth Vadar is really chunky and does have some weight to him which makes it really stable to play with. I think Max definitely had a preference to Darth because he could get his hands around him properly and pull him to make him stretchy. Here Darth is practicing his favourite night fever poses.

The giant stretch characters come in at £27.99 RRP which if you have a big Star Wars fan is quite reasonable for a toy with great lasting power.

Darth Vadar Stretch

Mini Stretch Boba Fett

Not to be outdone by Darth, the mini stretch Boba Fett is incredible. From the detailing of his customised Mandalorian armour his mini size in this form doesn't stop being super stretchy just like the giant ones!
With super stretchy arms and legs, he is fully stretchable and can reach super lengths. Stretch, pull and tie him up for him to return to his original self. We found the mini size a great one for creating character stories. He's big enough to seem real without being giant, and his size is perfect to pop in a bag for a toy distraction while out.

The mini stretch figures have an RRP of £14.99 so really affordable with the same level open-ended play available as the giant toys.

Overall we were really impressed with the new Star Wars Stretch range and dad is convinced we need to collect more of the characters (definitely for Max... not for daddy...)

Who's your favourite Star Wars character?

Star Wars Stretch

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