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Wednesday 23 November 2022

5 Best Christmas Gifts for Men

 Christmas gifts for men this year

It's time for my fourth Christmas gift guide of the year - if you've not checked out the previous ones then check out my Christmas tag for all of the Christmas related posts on the blog. It's time for the men in your life. I don't know about you but I find men the hardest to buy for, not because there aren't gifts but because the men in my life are SO picky, and give NO HELP whatsoever so I have to try and take notes whenever they say anything they might remotely like. So here are my top picks of the best Christmas gifts for men this year
Christmas gifts for men

Fawler Beanie and Scarf Bundle - £55

The cold winter snap is here and a lovely new beanie and scarf makes an excellent gift. The Fawler brand is from Scandinavia and has a really luxurious danish design feel. The Beanie* is made with warm cozy yarn and the scarf is a high quality merino mix yarn giving it a really chunky cable knit feel. The classic design and luxury feel means it's super versatile for even the fussiest man in your life

Alcosense Lite 2 - £44.99

With the festive season coinciding with a world cup this year there's bound to be lots of drinks flowing around, the Alcosense Lite 2* is a really sensible gift. It allows you to take a super quick breathalyzer check to make sure you're under the limit with really clear results in seconds. It has upgraded sensors and a simplified operation, it can also be adjustable to any UK or Irish driving limit. Pocket-sized its a no brainer this festive season for safety

Kikkerland Clip On Phone Stand - £10

This makes such a fab stocking filler gift. The Kikkerland clip on phone stand means you can clamp your phone onto your computer screen, or it can be placed upright on your desktop. It's such a simple gift but super effective. Whether it's used to keep an eye on emails while working from home or to facetime while watching movies together long distance it's super versatile and a gift I know will get a lot of use 

Hendersons Relish Mug - £12

Is it just my husband with a mug addiction or is it a man thing? He has more mugs than anyone needs but I know they bring him joy. We're definitely on a one in one out basis now but I've eyed a few up he can get rid of (branded company mugs for example...) this gorgeous Hendersons Relish Mug would make a perfect replacement and really will make me happier with our growing mug collection because I'm a sucker for supporting local!

What the duck socks - £6.50

No mens gift guide nor Christmas is complete without the obligatory socks. I always try and find a random pair for Connor to make him laugh and the What The Duck socks from Birds Yard definitely hit that mark. Super cute and funny too. If you're local to Sheffield definitely check out Birds Yard for a fantastic curation of fun gifts 

What are you buying for the Men this year?


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