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Sunday 20 November 2022

5 Best Christmas gifts for Kids

 The Best Christmas Gifts for Kids this year

We're now five weeks away from Christmas and it's time for my third Christmas Gift Guide of the year - this time focusing on the best Christmas gifts for kids. Kids can be so fickle with their decisions so I tend to save money and leave them till last, usually around black Friday as you can normally nab some good bargains. So let's head into my best Christmas gifts for kids picks this year

Kids Christmas Gifts

Dantoy Bioplastic Coffee Set - £20

Imaginative play and role play is one of my favourite types of play to do with Max. As he's so young he's at the very start of fostering his imagination so he does a lot of learning through watching us. That means he's always trying to drink from cups and make drinks so this gorgeous Dantoy coffee set* is such a great gift. It's made from Bioplastic so is eco-friendly and has all of the components for a fab Barista role play

Globber Primo Junior Scooter - £47.95

Christmas is an interesting time when you've also got a November baby as you've got to think right ahead to the next summer for presents that would be age appropriate and so they have lots of fun new things to play with without it costing the earth. The Globber Primo Junior Scooter from Skates* is a fab way of introducing your little one to scooting. It's got a three wheel structure and a low foot deck which helps them learn balance and coordination. It's also height adjustable so will grow with your little one

Uh Oh Milo! The Excited Elf - £7.99

I'm very keen to foster Max's love for books, he currently loves playing with them and holding them, and lifting the flaps but also loves settling down for a story before bed. Christmas means some lovely Christmas themed books and I love the Uh Oh Milo series*. They help teach about behaviour in a fun and engaging way, all the sensitive subjects are researched and it leads to a beautiful story

Hooded Rompers - From £30

I'm trying to stick to a more minimalist Christmas list as Max has literally just had his birthday and he's got lots of family that spoil him so we go with Want/Need/Wear/Read for presents. That means I had to include the gorgeous Bear and Babe because I'm lusting after their hooded rompers I just need to decide which design to go with. They look so warm and cosy and so versatile - plus they zip up which makes it super easy for any changes 

Colour Me Crayons - £4.95

Raising a child is a huge responsibility, trying to raise them to be thoughtful and kind and promoting love for all. One way to do that is by introducing toys and play that represent everyone. The Colour Me Crayons are such a lovely way to encorage and celebrate the diversity of the world we live in. Available from the lovely Small Stuff store in Sheffield and Online

What do your Kids want this year?

Christmas Gifts For Kids

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