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Tuesday 8 November 2022

Best Way To Save for Christmas this year

 How to make the most of your money this Christmas

Christmas is upon us, and this year more than ever it's going to be a tight squeeze for many of us. Christmas is known for its extravagance but while this year may be slightly different it doesn't need to change too much. I've put together a few top tips on the best way to save for Christmas this year.

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Make a Christmas Savings Plan

Your first port of call should be to make a savings plan. There are 47 days until Christmas so time is very much of the essence here. Sit down and work out what you absolutely need for Christmas in terms of food/presents etc. and take a look at your current finances and work out how close you are, use a savings calculator to help you understand how to reach your Christmas savings goal

Make more money for Christmas

Once you've got a good focus on your savings goal and plan and a list of what you need for Christmas it's time to start making some money to help you reach that goal. The quickest way to make money is to declutter. A winter tidy before Christmas is a great way of getting rid of the old items that you may not love anymore such as clothes you've outgrown, kids toys they don't use etc.

Get them listed on Facebook Marketplace, Local selling groups, Vinted and even Ebay to get some quick cash in your pocket

Make your money go further - buy secondhand

In a world striving to be more sustainable have a real think about whether you need something brand new for Christmas. While you're listing your old items online check out other listings. See if anyone is selling anything on your list for the kids or anyone else you need to buy for. Check out your local charity shops, they get quite a few items as people declutter for the holidays, you can also shop preloved items* online and grab a real bargain

Equally have a chat with family and friends about how you could do Christmas differently this year. One popular idea is a family secret santa. So rather than buying all of your family members a present you'll each get allocated one person. It tends to free some money up meaning you could get them something extra special (I've got Christmas gift guides live for ideas on some cool presents)

Maximise Offers and Vouchers

We're all feeling the pinch this year, and retailers and supermarkets are aware of this, so trying to get your custom is even more important. Check store offers and vouchers such as Asda Rewards and Tesco Clubcard offers, these can often help you save money on food purchases.

Also keep an eye on in-store events such as a Boots points event which means you save more Advantage Points for shopping with them on certain nights. While some spending may be necessary it's a good idea to look and see how you can maximise that

Free things to do this Christmas

Christmas doesn't have to be expensive. By clubbing together with friends and family for the Christmas dinner and spending it together you can really save yourself some money. The memories you will look back on will always be the fun you had, the people you spent it with and never the material items. Focus in on what fun you can do for free or very little. Heres a few ideas:
- A winter walk around looking at Christmas Lights
- Getting cosy under blankets for a Christmas movie
- Visit your local church service or concert
- Collect pine cones
- Build a snowman!

I know Christmas will be different for everyone this year and I hope no matter your circumstances you're able to enjoy the holiday season and find the joy in the little things.

What's your top tip for saving this Christmas?
Saving for Christmas

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