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Monday 5 December 2022

5 Best games for Christmas

 Best Christmas Games to play this year

We're into December now so I hope you've all got a good head start on your present buying using my Christmas gift guides as inspiration so now it's time to start focusing on the day itself. One of my favourite things to do over the festive period is to relax and play games with family. So here's a roundup of the best Christmas Games you should add onto your list this year
Best Games for Christmas

Spot the Intro - £19.59

This one was an instant hit in our house as we all love our music! Spot the Intro by Cheatwell Games* Listen your way around the board and guess the intros to popular songs from the 60's right through to the 2010's and even theme tunes. This is a great Christmas game as it brings everyones music history together but also challenges their current knowledge too. The game itself does require you to use your phone to scan the QR codes to get the songs which can be a little bit tedious as it's not a smooth process but we loved the game anyway.

The Sock Game - £19.99

This was such a super simple game to learn and absolutely heaps of fun. The premise is you have a big pair of socks stuffed with lots of random items, you spin the counter to work out what item you need to find and without looking in the sock you have to feel your way around and find the item before your opponent. The Sock Game from Asmodee* is a fab edition to your Christmas game schedule as everyone from grandparents to kids can play the game and it make a great time passer after dinner while the pots are being washed. With absolutely zero time to learn how to play it's a very versatile game to bring out

The Distraction Agents - £15

Produced by Sheffield theatre company Third Angel*, The Distraction Agents is a super fun game/escape game / theatrical experience. It's an intricate fun way to distract yourself and waste a few hours. Perfect for any with a love of puzzles and mindgames the game first comes with beautiful prints followed by an email with films which will help your further on your Distraction Agent journey. Do you have what it takes to become a Distraction Agent.
This one wasn't quite as easygoing but absolutely lots of fun nonetheless, I'd say it's aimed at adults and older teens and would make for a great Boxing Day game to wind down some time after a busy Christmas Day

Bandido - £10

Christmas can often involve lots of travelling around and sometimes waiting while people cook, or other tasks are completed which for kids and teenagers can be a bit boring. Bandido is a quick easy cooperative game for distraction, I first played Bandido at the Treehouse Board Game Cafe and we bought it before we left! We loved it that much. You work together to stop the criminal Bandido from escaping, it's a simple card game where you're working to stop any escape paths - a lovely stocking filler gift

Whatever kind of game you're looking for from Board Games to Card Games, Game accessories for the established gamer and everything you could possibly think of be sure to check out the amazing Patriot Games Sheffield - shopping small pays off and I love to support my local businesses 

What games do you play at Christmas?
Best Games for Christmas

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