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Thursday 15 December 2022

How to protect your gadgets around kids

Protecting your gadgets around kids

There’s no denying that electronic devices and gadgets add convenience to life. From attending an office meeting to purchasing groceries, you can do anything and everything using your iPhone, Mac, Tablet, and more. The best part? Handling these devices is effortless. 

However, the table gets turned when you have kids around. They are curious about every item, which makes it a daunting task to get their hands off it. 

Such situations can hamper your work and increase the risk of device damage. Not to forget, overexposure to gadgets can also affect their growth. 

So, how can you keep your electronics safe around kids? Read on to know! 

Protect Your Gadgets

Set Password

The first step in protecting your electronics and devices is to password-protect them. It is an excellent technique to teach the child that they cannot simply pick up the phone and use it.

In addition to privacy protection, it’ll ensure no unauthorized purchases or downloads. In other words, by adding passwords to accounts or phones, you can maintain tabs on your kids’ activities and decide what they can and cannot download.

Change The Screen Timeout 

Screen timeout is an incredible feature that most Mac users neglect. After a few minutes of inactivity, the screen will be turned off. So, you need not worry about your kids muddling with the device. 

As explained in, you can adjust the Mac screen timeout pretty easily. That means you can increase the timeout for enhanced efficiency when you are working or attending a meeting. And, when you are away from the device, reduce the timeout. 

Note: Lower screen timeout also boosts Mac’s lifespan and enhances its battery life.

Get Sturdy Case

It’s pretty challenging to make the kids understand the value of a device. For them, gadgets are just for entertainment. So, you must protect them by using sturdy cases and screen protectors. 

Though different types of phone cases are available in the market, silicone ones are the best. They offer shock protection, better grip, and are waterproof. Similarly, you can get a case for Mac, tablets, or kindle to safeguard them. 

It’ll give you a sense of security when you give the gadget to kids. 

Sign Out Of Shopping Accounts

Numerous cases of false financial transactions are reported where kids unknowingly place online orders. So, before you give gadget access to kids, you must sign out of every shopping account. 

Moreover, you can use two-factor authentication so your technically savvy kids can’t reset their passwords. In fact, you must also warn the kids about making purchases or visiting an unauthorized site.

Establish Device Use Rules 

Finally, set some strict rules before you hand the devices to your kids. It can include, but is not limited to, the following: 

Limit the screen time

Ask permission before using

Hand over the device whenever requested

No late-night use of gadgets. 

To Sum It All Up

Keeping kids away from gadgets is not possible, especially in this technologically advancing era. However, you can set some ground rules for device use and encourage them to perform extracurricular activities. Make sure to spend more time with your kids to lower the need for devices in their life.

How do you protect your gadgets?

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