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Wednesday 10 November 2021

5 Top Gadgets This Christmas

Top Gadgets this Christmas - Gift Guide

No sooner have the pumpkins been carved and the fireworks released than BAM Christmas is all around us, now for some I know it's too early but if you're looking to be a savvy shopper this year you've only got 44 shopping days to go so I'll be putting together gift guides to help you make the best choices. First up is my top gadgets this Christmas, I've tried to include really useful gifts that have a purpose and will be used all year round over novelty items.

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Soundcore by Anker Life P3 Noise Cancelling Earbuds*

Soundcore by Anker Earbuds

First up are these super cool Soundcore Anker Earbuds, they're built to hug the curve of your ear and sit stabily. The sound quality is fantastic and a charge lasts for 7 hours, the compact charging case can extend that to 35 hours meaning you'll never be without your favourite tunes on the go. With a clever app to accompany the earbuds you can customise everything about them the EQ to creating your own whitenoise. Available in a range of colours they're a fab way of showing personality and tuning everybody out while you're out on your commute or in the gym

Lumie Sunrise Alarm*

Lumie Sunrise Alarm

One of my favourite gadgets this Christmas is this Lumie Sunrise clock. As we know winter in the UK seems to be neverending and darkness envelops us for many months. If like me this gets you a little down and you struggle with the morning wake ups then this alarm clock is perfect. You set it to simulate a natural sunrise for your alarm time and it gently fills your room with light to make your morning wake up as gentle and pleasant as possible. I've found it a really useful gadget to wake me up during those colder darker mornings

Eufy Cordless HomeVac H11*

Eufy Cordless Homevac H11

This is how I know I'm fully in the adult zone now, because the idea of anything to clean my house actually pleases me now whereas if we go back about 10 years I would've been horrified with this as a present. The cordless Homevac is lightweight with excellent suction action perfect for targeting those niggly places you can't get your regular vacuum cleaner. I personally love this for the car, it means I can get the car cleaned up sharpish without traipsing a wired vacuum outside. Definitely a fab gadget this Christmas for those obsessed with cleaning 

Slush Puppie Machine*

Slush Puppie Machine

I know I said no novelty products - BUT this slush puppie machine is super functional too and who can resist the nostalgia of a proper slush? It's super retro and means that you can create your own slushes next summer or wrap up warm this Christmas and enjoy one with a movie. 

Mini Massage Cushion*

Mini Cushion Massager

If you've spent any time during the past 18 months working from home, or maybe your job role has taken flexible working and carried on giving you that mix - the likelihood is you haven't had an appropriate 'chair'. Don't fear because whether you've been hunched over your laptop or just fancy giving yourself a pleasant back massage this gadget is for you. It has four rotating massage heads designed to alleviate the pain - definitely a welcome addition to your new 'home office' gadgets

So there we go 5 gadgets this Christmas to hopefully give you a few ideas for your gift buying. What other gadgets are you hoping for this year?

Gadget gifts this Christmas

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