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Monday 8 November 2021

5 Winter Skincare Tips to keep your skin glowing

 Winter Skincare Tips you need to know

We’re flying through 2021 and now seem to be slap bang in between Autumn and Winter. While you’re prepping for Christmas now is the perfect time to be getting your winter skincare sorted to make sure you’re glowing for the festive season. With the colder weather it’s really important you change up your skincare to richer products that are more moisturising

Moisturise Quickly after showers

With cold weather drying your skin out and warm houses exacerbating matters the easiest way to keep your skin happy is to increase the moisture your putting back in. Take a warm shower for 10 minutes only, turning the heat down can help save your skins natural oils and stop it drying out as much. After taking a shower blot the skin dry and apply a thick moisturiser all over to help seal the water into your skin and restore some normality

Winter Skincare for your face

Our faces are probably the worst hit during the winter. While the rest of our skin is covered in cosy jumpers, gloves and scarves chances are our face is out taking the brunt of the cold and wind. It’s super important you implement a consistent winter skincare routine to stop your face drying out - Aim for cream based products. I’ve been using the gorgeous Dr Barbara Sturm Discovery Kit from Skinstation* to give my skin a winter glow. 

Dr Barbara Sturm Discovery Kit

The Dr Barbara Sturm Discovery Kit is jam packed with little travel size treats including the following:
  • Cleanser
  • Face Scrub
  • Hyaluronic Ampoule
  • Eye Cream
  • Face Cream
  • Anti-Aging body cream
  • Face Mask sachet 
Now I’m currently at the latter end of my pregnancy so my skin has been a bit unpredictable due to hormones and unwanted outbreaks but I’ve found the discovery kit a real treat for a pamper and I can’t wait until my skin gets back to normal and I can implement my new regime properly

Hand Care 

With cold and flu season upon us, and a continuing pandemic you’re going to be washing your hands and sanitising them very frequently. The increased alcohol based cleansers and cold weather can leave your hands looking very dry and cause premature ageing so make sure you invest in a good quality hand cream and moisturise frequently to keep a good barrier to the cool weather. My recommendation is the Burt’s Bees Moisturising Hand Cream with Shea Butter, Lavender and Honey*, it’s so silky smooth and leaves my hands feeling amazing

Hydrate inside and Out

While the previous tips have been around keeping your skin moisturised from the outside it’s also super important you hydrate inside too. Water intake tends to drop during the winter as people turn to warmer drinks but you should still aim for 2L a day to keep your skin refreshed – buy a water bottle with indicators* to help you keep on track this method also helps you stop using single use bottles and helping recycle. Your dry skin can also be helped with omega 3 or omega 6 supplements as well as your regular beauty supplements

Bedtime Winter Skincare Routine

While you’re sleeping is the perfect opportunity to really enhance your skin for the next day so get into a good routine. Starting with removing any dirt and make up with a creamy cleanser and using a restorative face mask* to try and add in some of the moisture lost during the day. Finish off with a thick night cream or barrier cream and really slather that on to give yourself dewy skin ready for a new day 

What’s your winter skincare top tip?

Winter Skincare Tips

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