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Saturday 27 November 2021

Gibson's Out Of Order Game Review

 All New Gibson's Out of Order Game

'Tis the season to wrap up warm and cosy and stay in the house. As the first snow of winter falls in the UK its definitely the perfect time to be finding indoor activities so you can enjoy the snow from inside. Nothing beats a board game as an indoor activity, especially around Christmas when all your friends and family are gathering. A new game to the market is Gibson's Out of Order Game which in short is a trivia game with a twist!

Gibson's Out Of Order Game

Out Of Order Game

Aimed at people aged 14+ Out of Order* is the quirky game where you need to answer the question before you, meaning the answer to questions such as 'Who are Prince Charles Son's?' could be Bill and Ted!

It's a game of memory, trivia and hilarious answer results. Each card has five questions for you to answer. You pick a quizmaster and then each player gets the chance to answer all five questions - but be quick! Or other players get the chance to steal your points. Plus there's a bonus question on every card for every player to get the chance to win.

Score a point for answering correctly and move your arrow around the brightly coloured box - first to 20 points wins. It's a super quick party game lasting 15-20 minutes from start to winner with minimal setup at all which is perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons or family filled fun that everyone from the teenagers to the grandparents can get involved with.


We gave the game a play with two players (it can be played with up to six players) and we really enjoyed the fast nature and funny answers. The box and cards are beautifully presented and super colourful. It sounds super easy and simple but it's amazing how quickly you forget the answer you needed - especially while trying to remember the new question. The questions themselves were really wide varied trivia and general knowledge meaning you didn't need to be an expert in any particular area - it reminded us of a tv show style game with the pace and style of questions which we definitely loved.

Our favourite part of the game was how quick it was to learn and play, nobody likes to spend time learning how to play board games, especially with family / friends so this seems a perfect choice to play as it can be explained and played in minutes - minimum effort for maximum fun

Available to buy from Gibsons, Amazon* or John Lewis for £16 add this fun quirky trivia game to your party repertoire this board game season

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Gibson's Out Of Order

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