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Tuesday 30 November 2021

5 Gifts for Cocktail Lovers This Christmas

Gifts for Cocktail Lovers this Christmas

There's been a slight delay since I posted my last Christmas Gift Guide for 2021 (check the Gadget Guide out) because I went and had a baby! If I roll back to last Christmas I could've never dreamed we'd have a new addition by this Christmas, my heart is so full and I'm excited for this festive season. It seemed a perfect time to do a gift guide focused on something I've missed while pregnant - Cocktails!

I always think you see lots of gifts for beer fanatics and more recently gin, but I do love a fancy cocktail, enough so that I've got my favourite places for a cocktail in Sheffield.

So here's a few gifts for those cocktail lovers in your life

Pull the Pin Spiced Rum*

Pull the Pin Spiced Rum

The top present for any cocktail lover is a good quality spirit to be the base of your cocktail, I love Pull the Pin Spiced Rum as its so delicious and so versatile for a whole heap of different serves. They've got a full guide of cocktail ideas you can utilise and it really is a special bottle. Full of natural ingredients of the highest quality there's a range of flavours for your favourite tipple that any cocktail lover will be pleased with

REAL Kombucha Dry Dragon*

REAL Kombucha Dry Dragon

While I am now at a point I can enjoy a tipple or two over Christmas I understand that not everyone wants to, or can. Solidarity with all the pregnant ladies trying to hide it this Christmas! REAL Kombucha is a fantastic alternative to add into your cocktails. Even if you are enjoying alcohol it makes a great mixer alternative to wines for a lighter cocktail. Fermented from loose-leaf teas the dry dragon is light and fruity with notes of grapefruit, lemon and green tea - use it to create the most delicious REAL Kombucha cocktails

Cocktail Bucket List*

Cocktail Bucket List

If the person you're buying a gift for is a complete cocktail lover then they'll love this bucket list! With 100 perfectly curated cocktails to scratch off as they go they can find old favourites, new ideas and totally unique cocktails to make. The list details which spirit is needed for the cocktail so it's a great way of using up last bits of opened bottles and transforming them into something delicious

Personalised Iridescent Champagne Glass

Personalised Iridescent Glass

Of course if your family member or friend is a cocktail lover, a perfect gift for them is their own personalised glass to sample all of the delicious cocktails they're going to make this Christmas. This gorgeous iridescent glassware can be personalised with their name or a short message so you'll always be in their thoughts every time they raise a toast 

Alcoholic Edible Drink Stirrers - Raspberry Gin*

Alcoholic Drink Stirrers

I absolutely love these and they're definitely on my own list. These Alcoholic Edible Drink Stirrers come in a whole range of flavours and are a super quick way of enhancing your drinks. They change the colour of your drink and subtly change the taste depending on which flavour you chose. A really fun way to enhance your drink and they're totally edible so once you've finished stirring you can eat the rest up

Whats your favourite Christmas Cocktail? 


Cocktail Lovers Gift Guide

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