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Friday 10 February 2023

5 Cool Restaurants in Dubai

 Cool Restaurants in Dubai you need to visit

Dubai is known as the playground of the rich and famous, with its expansive skyscrapers, gorgeous sandy beaches, sunshine, and an air of luxury in everything it's no surprise it has rocketed in popularity. With breathtaking views and a plethora of restaurant choices it's easy to be spoilt for choice so here are five cool restaurants in Dubai you really don't want to miss.
Dubai Restaurants

Pierchic at Al Qasr Hotel

Pierchic takes waterfront dining to the ultimate luxury. It is an award-winning romantic restaurant serving delicious Italian cuisine and seafood on a private pier overlooking the Arabian Gulf. You're quite literally over the water during this dining experience. Best enjoyed during the daytime so you can really appreciate the breathtaking views and enjoy the sustainably sourced meals

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Al Mahara

If cool settings is what you look for in a restaurant then the Al Mahara will be right up your street. It's a premium seafood restaurant meaning 'Oyster Shell' and your backdrop is the most incredible aquarium! You will be served beautiful intimate dinners by Michelin-starred chefs while surrounded by marine life. While it can be a bit strange eating seafood while surrounded by the fishes it is definitely an experience you have to do

Hotel Cartagena

This is seriously one of the coolest quirkiest restaurants in Dubai. Known as Latin America without borders it is an eclectic shrine to all those guests who have passed through. Those who have lived loved and dined within it's bohemian paradise. Its cool upbeat vibe and brightly coloured murals will help distract you from the world outside and transport you to the most fun environment you could ever need to eat, drink and relax

Carnival by Tresind

Known as one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai, Carnival by Tresind is a pioneer of cuisine. Its unique takes on classic Indian dishes and inventive use of molecular gastronomy have guests returning from worldwide. The cuisine served at Carnival is served in seasons that change every few months through various themes complete with playful dishes and atmosphere giving traditional favorites a fun twist


Parkers caters to the sweetest of sweet tooth it began as a social media pop-up concept and through its popularity has become a staple of the casual Dubai scene. The fun part about Parkers is that to gain entry and eat their decadent treats you need a key! Follow the clues and games posted on their social media to get a key to this exclusive fun location

If you're still unsure exactly what you're looking for in Dubai then SquareMeal can help you refine by price point, ambiance, location and cuisine. With over 300 options listed, you'll be truly spoilt for choice while visiting this luxurious destination.

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Cool Dubai Restaurants

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