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Friday 10 February 2023

Do dogs really need daily walks?

 Do dogs need a walk every day?

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, you’re currently in the process of deciding which breed is best for you, or you already have a pet pooch and you’re wondering if they get enough exercise, it’s natural to think about how often you need to walk your dog. Do dogs really need daily walks and what can you do to keep your pup fit and healthy if you’re short on time or you work long hours? In this guide, we’ll discuss daily exercise for dogs and offer tips to help you keep your canine companion in shape. 
Dog Walking

Do dogs need a daily walk?

In the vast majority of cases, regular exercise is recommended for dogs. Some breeds are more active than others but most dogs will benefit from at least one walk per day. When considering how much exercise your dog needs or how often to walk them, it’s beneficial to take these factors into account:

Your dog’s age
The dog’s health status and mobility
The breed

As dogs get older, they may find it harder to walk long distances and their pace is likely to slow but most will relish a gentle stroll in the fresh air. It’s important to seek advice from your vet if your dog has underlying health issues or they are recovering from a procedure or an injury, which means that they need more rest than usual. 

The breed of the dog is very important when it comes to exercise and physical activity. Some breeds need at least 2-3 walks per day while others will be fine with one walk. The most active breeds include:

Labrador retriever
German Shepherd
Siberian husky
Australian Shepherd
Springer spaniel

The least active breeds include:

Basset hound
English bulldog
Chow chow
Bichon Frise

How to exercise your dog more frequently

There are many reasons why dog owners may struggle to ensure that their dog gets enough exercise, including hectic work schedules, injuries and illness, having to go away for work and juggling other commitments, such as looking after children or elderly relatives. If you’d like to exercise your dog more frequently, there are options and solutions to explore. Hiring a dog walking service is a brilliant way to enjoy peace of mind, free up time in your schedule and encourage your dog to be more active. You can use a daily or weekly service on a short-term basis if you’re unable to walk your furry friend due to an injury or a change in your working hours, for example, or you can use a dog walking service long-term. 

It’s also a fantastic idea to try to include walking in your daily routine and weekend activities. Stretching your legs after work or going for a long walk in the park, forest or along the beach will be beneficial for you and your dog and a good healthy habit to establish


Most dogs need at least one walk per day. Unless your dog is recovering from illness or injury or they are very old and frail, it’s beneficial to aim for at least one long walk every day. Some breeds need two or three walks. If you don’t have time to walk your dog as often as you’d like to, or you’re struggling with an injury yourself, why not consider using a professional, reliable dog walking service?

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