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Monday 8 May 2023

The Period Kit needed to get you through that time of the month

 Period basics you need in your period kit for a 'Happy Period'

Periods are one of those annoying facts of life, it's usually a monthly occurrence that indicates you're fertile and ovulating. I still remember getting my first period and the absolute blind panic and thinking what the hell is going on (they'd conveniently not reached that part in sex ed yet!). Thankfully in the 20 years since then I've learnt to deal with my periods, discovered what works for me so I've always got my period kit prepped ready for that time. Here's my period basics whether it's your first period or your 100th hopefully you can pick up a few tips.

Period Kit Essentials

Period Products

There are a whole host of period products on the market, from sanitary pads to tampons to more eco-friendly alternatives such as period pants or reusable period pads. I highly recommend trying out different methods and alternatives and know that you don't need to stick to one type of product. 

I've recently been using Modibodi Period Pants*, the original in both period and pee proof reusable pants. They have a whole host of different styles of underwear with various absorbancies. I've found Modibodi to be excellent. Especially the Heavy/Overnight type - it's given me total reassurance to sleep easy during my period with no worries of waking up in a mess. I've also tried other brands in the past such as Flux and Wuka period pants and my personal preference has been Modibodi purely for the whole range of styles, colours and super cool collabs like their recent Puma active collaboration. 

Alongside period pants I also utilise reusable pads to give me reassurance during the day if I need to use tampons. Ulimately my period kit contains a host of different period products to suit any need that may arise.

Dealing with Period Pain

This is probably the most annoying part of periods for me. I can absolutely deal with the bleeding element but the pain that comes with it can be so debilitating so it was key I found ways around this pain. 

The Beurer EM50 Menstrual relax TENS period pain reliever* has been an absolute godsend. It provides a natural relief with 15 different TENS intensity levels, this combined with soothing warmth can help ease any abdominal pain caused by periods. It helps stop pain signals by relaxing the muscles in the area. I've found it a really effective way to keep going on those really tough days.

If you're new to periods and not currently on contraception yet it's worth looking into using Harmony Adaptogenic Apothecary* it's a herbal supplement aimed at helping you through each different stage of your cycle. It can help regulate your periods and hormones while maintaining your general mood and wellbeing.

In my period kit I try to make sure I've got my TENS reliever, paracetamol and ibuprofen plus a  multivitamin to give me a boost

Self Care during your period

Periods can be hard. Yes we have them regularly, yes it's a fact of life but don't let anyone minimise how your period makes you feel. I know that I am a raging hormonal mess when my period is due so I try and take more conscious care of myself whether that's self care, more sleep or just being a little kinder to myself.

I make sure I give myself more time to myself to relax so a nice warm bath which helps me relax but also ease any period aches and pains. A good tv series to binge and a big bar of chocolate. I make sure I get early nights to help my body recuperate and try and do mild exercise to keep both my body and mind in top condition (walking, yoga etc. light exercise can help ease period symptoms)

Ultimately I do what I need to do to feel more myself, being kind to yourself is an absolute must!

What are your period top tips?


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