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Thursday 20 January 2022

Trade To Aid Sustainable Period Pads

 Trade to Aid Sustainable Menstrual Pads

Periods. I've certainly not missed them, It's been almost a year since my last one due to being pregnant and wow that first one postpartum is a whole new level of pain. Because I haven't been having regular periods it did mean I stopped buying single-use sanitary products. I've written about period pants on the blog before. I love how sustainable my periods can be, so when I was asked to review Trade to Aid period pads I couldn't say no!

Trade to Aid Sustainable Period Pads

Getting started with reusable period products is always an investment to begin with so it's easy to see why some people don't make the leap. However with millions being flushed away every year it's important we try and do our bit for saving the planet, plus by choosing Trade to Aid* you're also helping reduce the effects of period poverty. Trade to Aid pledge to donate a starter pack to someone in need in a refugee camp for every pack they sell. 

Sustainable Period Pads

So what did I think of the Trade to Aid menstrual pads? 

Firstly the pack of 6 they sell gives you everything you need to get started. You get two light, two medium and two heavy flow pads and a cute wash bag for them all for £29.95 which is a really affordable way to get started with your new sustainable period journey.

The pads themselves have a bright colourful design on the outer side and a soft fluffy inner layer. They have simple poppers allowing you to attach the pad to any of your regular underwear very easily.

When wearing the pads I was very pleased with how comfortable they felt and also that you couldn't tell I was wearing the pad, in fact I often forgot myself because they just feel like regular pants. When you've finished using the pad you can pop the poppers over to protect the used part and place in the wash bag or pop straight into cold water to help remove any tough blood stains.

On the whole I really liked using the trade to aid pads, it allowed me to have a comfortable period, without putting any single-use items around an area that after pregnancy is even more sensitive than normal! The only thing I'd change is potentially making the wings larger.

As a plus-size women the gusset part of my pants I found were slightly bigger than the pad when popped together, it wasn't an issue and they served their purpose but they were slightly squished. 

All in all I think reusable period pads are the way forward for a sustainable period. While the initial outlay may seem more expensive, the average life of a reusable period pad is around five years. If you're having a period every month thats 60 months of use you'll get out of the one pad so you save money in the long run and you're doing your part in reducing the use of plastic and single-use sanitary products

Do you use sustainable period methods?

Sustainable Period Pads

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