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Tuesday 17 January 2023

A Complete Guide to Planning a Trip To New Jersey

 A Complete Guide to Planning a Trip To New Jersey

Popularly known as the Garden State, New Jersey lies in the northeastern region of the United States, about 130 miles from the coast of the Atlantic. This picturesque state is home to the iconic Statue of Liberty and the Liberty State Park. You probably can’t wait to visit the beautiful beaches and sample the nightlife. Before you hop into the next flight or take that road trip to New Jersey, you should prepare. Here is a comprehensive guide to planning a trip to New Jersey.

Determine the best time to visit 

You wouldn’t want to visit this gorgeous city when it is too cold to sport your favorite bikini. The best time to visit New Jersey would be spring when the weather is mild and colorful flowers brighten the environment. If you don’t mind the hot and humid summer weather, you could go during summer and lie on the beach all day long. 

Hash out the specific places you want to visit in advance 

New Jersey is a big state with numerous tourist attractions and sites. It would be wise to determine the specific places you want to see so you can plan your budget accordingly. Getting the specifics out of the way helps you figure out your travel logistics. 

Plan for the mode of transportation 

Now that you know precisely where in the Golden State you want to go, you can start considering your preferred mode of transport. According to the experts and locals, you are better off hiring a car to see the beautiful sites. Alternatively, you could use public transport if you plan to stay within urban areas. Public transport also works well if you are visiting less than two destinations. 

Find the best place to stay in New Jersey

After all the site-seeing and partying, you will definitely need a place to get some shut-eye. Since New Jersey offers a plethora of options, it all boils down to your budget and your preferences. Some people prefer a luxury hotel to an Airbnb so they can have the full experience of being on holiday. If you are visiting Ocean City, you could check out the Ocean City New Jersey rentals, especially if you are looking for a good family resort. In this case, you are better off going for a short-term rental where you can make the most of your beach trip.

Draft a list of things to do 

There is no shortage of things to do in New Jersey. If you grow weary of the urban scene, you could always go to the rural towns and visit the farms, go hiking or visit the food markets. The rich landscapes are home to various flora and fauna, and you can visit major parks where you can have a picnic or snap photos for your Instagram. 

Write a list of foods you want to try

A trip to New Jersey is not complete without trying some of the city’s best foods. If you aren’t interested in casual diners, you could visit family-owned restaurants that have been passed down through generations. Some state favorites include pork-roll sandwiches, boardwalk pizza, cheesesteaks, and fresh seafood. You could also go wine tasting or sample some of the best beer you have ever tasted.

Final remarks

There is literally something for everyone in New Jersey, including the party-goers and the history enthusiasts. Ensure you prepare adequately for your trip and you are bound to have the best time out there! 

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