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Monday 24 January 2022

How to improve your local seo profile

 How I use SEO to rank for locally in Sheffield
(and you can too!)

A few years ago I completely changed my blog track and name and decided I wanted to focus in more on my Sheffield content. Such as where to eat in Sheffield, where to visit and things to do in our lovely city. I completely found my passion for blogging again and rather than it being a complete hobby it's now become a side hustle I do around work (or maternity leave currently)

What that does mean is I've had to learn a lot about SEO, because my ideal audience are people in Sheffield, or people visiting Sheffield looking for information I've had to learn about local SEO in particular. This would be the case if like me your niche is quite specific or if you're a local brick and mortar business that wants to increase their online presence

Local SEO in Sheffield

How to leverage local SEO

By learning about local SEO in Sheffield it has allowed me to reach the right audience for me and increase my traffic. Here are my top five tips for you to do the same. If you don't have the time to implement the tips yourself or you need faster results then consider hiring a Sheffield SEO company* to help you on your journey

[1] Keyword Research
This is genuinely one of the most important tools in SEO completely, and it definitely applies to local SEO too. Use a keyword tool to help you check out your competition and discover keywords and phrases you can rank for. It's important to find keywords that are searched but without too much competition while you build up your blogs domain authority

[2] Complete local social profiles
In order to build a solid local profile and gain a Sheffield audience, you need to ensure you have consistency online to start building your spider web. Make sure all of your social media has consistent handles and links back to the website you're trying to drive traffic. By building a web connecting your social media to your website you're helping google understand the connection. They can show all of your profiles when customers search for you

[3] Strong Local Content
If you're looking to improve your local SEO and drive traffic then you need to create content people want to see and read. For example I try and create content around places to eat in Sheffield, Cocktails to drink in Sheffield and Events running. I create blog posts every month that are informative and driven for the reader to gain the knowledge they want and help inform their visit here. Brainstorm what your business is, what your audience would want to see and start from there

[4] Set up Google my Business
If you're looking to increase your online presence then absolutely utilise Google tools to get there. Google my business allows you to create a free profile where you register the business location, address and phone number. This allows Google to direct people to your completed profile if a customer searches you directly. The more Google learns about you the more likely they will feature you for more generic searches such as restaurants in Sheffield. Complete your profile as much as possible, and drive reviews to stand out from the crowd

[5] Mobile Optimisation
The majority of searches and online customers will reach you via mobile or tablet. The searches are vastly higher compared to a traditional desktop, so much so that Google now has a mobile-first policy in the search results. This means that they will favour websites that are optimised for mobile traffic with responsive designs. You can check if your site is mobile friendly and start there but this is crucial to you driving custom to your business

So there you have it five easy steps to get you started with building your local online presence. 

What local SEO tips would you find helpful?

Improve Local SEO

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