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Monday 13 November 2023

Take 5 - STEM Toys gift ideas

 5 STEM Toys perfect for Christmas

Buying children gifts for Christmas can feel like a never-ending task, they grow so quickly and their interests change so fast it can be hard to keep up. Plus if you feel the guilt like me and want to encourage more meaningful play it's a fine balance between fun and educational toys so I've put together a top 5 STEM toys for the children in your life.

Collection of stem toys

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog Tissue Pal - Learning Resources - £8.95

Suitable for 18+ months, Spike is super cute and has a variety of colourful fabric tissues that helps encourage your little ones' fine motor skills. Your little one will love pushing the tissues into the box and pulling them back out again, they'll improve their pinch skills as they get the tissues out of Spike's shell. Its reusable nature and washable fabric tissues mean it taps into children's curiosity in a less wasteful way. 

Little Brian Classic Paint Sticks - £7.99 - Amazon*

Sensory play is the absolute best way to engage your little ones' brains and creativity. Little Brian is loved by parents as it's a mess-free way to paint. The sticks twist up and down like glue sticks and dries in less than 60 seconds! The 12 bold vibrant colours and the ability to use the sticks on paper, card, wood, and even glass make them the perfect gift to bring out the children's creative side

Paw Patrol Torch & Projector - £6.99 - Smyths Toys

The perfect companion to any sleepover or pyjama party is the Paw Patrol projector from Brainstorm* which casts excisint images of the pups around your room. It comes with three slide discs with 24 images. You can focus the image by turning the lens and easily swap the discs in and out, it also acts as a regular torch. Perfect for a stocking filler

Paw Patrol My First Activity Calender - £8.49 - Danilo

Routine is the saviour of so many meltdowns in our house! Max loves knowing what's going to happen and when, simple things such as using songs for bedtime help him know what's going to happen next. The Paw Patrol calender is a brilliant way of introducing routine and allowing children to understand what plans they have. It's really good for future planning and introducing concepts such as time, weather and temperature in an age-appropriate way  

The Genius Square - £19.99 - Happy Puzzle*

This one is as much for your children as it is for you, recommended for ages 6+ with the aim being to complete the square with the nine coloured shapes once the 'blockers' have been positioned. There are 62208 possible puzzles with always at least one solution no matter how tricky it seems. The Genius Square is a fab game for testing your brain power and is loved by all ages. It can be played solo or head to head and is the perfect game to pull out at the dinner table while Christmas dinner is cooking

Hopefully, this has given you five affordable ideas for STEM toys for your little ones this year. 

What's your top STEM toy recommendation?


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